11 powerfull motivational quotes from succedict.com


As we all know, motivational quotes help people to come out of frustration, the quotes create energies by lighting a ray of hope inside us and help a lot in moving forward again in life.

Quotes are only groups of few words to say but they help us to take the first step to do any work.  

So here you will find untold and unheard motivational quotes by the succedict team.

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11 powerfull motivational quotes from succedict.com

11 motivational quotes by succedict team

1. Forget the excuse and you will win.

2. You attract anything in your life through your mind.

3. Similar thoughts attract similar things.

4. Don’t be proud on success, be strong in failure.

5. The responsibility is always taken and not given.

6. Always try to be great than greatest.

7. Set goals, not to reach but to hit.

8. You may slow down in your failure but its mandatory to double your speed in success.

9. When you stop dreaming, you stop living.

10. Your fear is fictitious, you can erase it.

11. Set your goal high but start with small.

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