Inspirational Quotes On Nation Building

quotes on nation building

If you are reading this, it means you also love your nation and you are really want to make your country stronger. Remember, the country cannot be great until the citizens have honesty for each other and respect for the country. These quotes about nation building will inspire you to be more honest and dedicated towards your nation.

Quotes On Nation Building

1. From Labour to Leader, Everyone’s participation is essential in nation-building.

2. Do not vote for the party that promises but vote for the party that is dedicated to the development of the nation.

3. No matter what you do, if you are not educating your child, you are not participating in nation-building.

4. Greatness comes from kindness, in fact, if people are kind, the country will be great.

5. Country love is such a feeling that should be within every person. If he/she is human. It makes the country more stronger.

6. The country is always rich, powerful and great, where people are honest towards themselves and others.

7. The country that gets caught in the swamp of caste and religion can never become great.

8. I do not understand how a leader (politician) can be dishonest, while he is elected to play a key role in nation building.

9. Only an educated nation can be a powerful nation.

10. Love, respect, honesty, and kindness are the key elements of a great nation.

11. When it is talked about the nation, it is mostly talked about its citizens.

12. We cannot talk about the development of the nation until we don’t feel love for our nation.

13. You will not always be there but your country will be. Why not help to make a great country?

14. Only a selfless person can be a true patriot.

15. If something is wrong in our country, instead of blaming the nation, we should make changes.

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