30 Best Inspirational Quotes On “thoughts”

quotes on thoughts

Quotes On Thoughts: Your thoughts give direction to your life. Emotions you feel in life, like, anger, hate, love, and kindness are all the result of your thoughts. Your life will be as your thoughts. If you want a happy life then you always have to keep good and positive thoughts in your mind.

Quotes On Thoughts

1. It is as you think. So think as you want.

2. There is no cessation of thoughts, and if you are not positive then it will lead you to further trouble.

3. Only conscious people can control their thoughts, and the one who can control their thoughts is the creator of their destiny.

4. Just as one creature gives birth to another, similarly one thought gives birth to another.

5. Your thoughts are like a navigation system for your life.

6. Thoughts are not real but your action towards that thought.

7. Positive thoughts are healthy food of the mind.

8. In order to break any habit, you need to replace your unconscious thoughts with a conscious one.

9. Don’t think too much, one day everyone will die.

10. Every morning choose only one thought that makes you happy.

11. Our strong thoughts become our identity in life. Make sure you are identified for peace, love, and kindness.

12. Grief and happiness are the results of your thoughts that you choose yourself.

13. Your greatest enemy and friend is your thought, especially when you are alone.

14. Mind control is simply replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

15. Unbridled thoughts are the root of all problems.

16. What you feed in your mind will grow in your life.

17. Nobody can change their life without changing their thoughts. Every change starts from inside.

18. Before considering any thought one must consider whether it is worth considering.

19. Your thoughts affect your feelings, if you are not feeling good then you need to change your thoughts.

20. The world around you, even your behavior, is the result of thoughts in your mind.

Quotes On Thoughts And Feelings

21. Thoughts cannot be erased but can be replaced.

22. Every thought you create in your mind creates your future.

23. Never keep such thoughts in your mind that make you sad, it will make your whole life monotonous.

24. Only those thoughts are worth keeping that give you peace.

25. You are upset, you are angry, you are irritated, you are addicted, and you are happy because of your thoughts.

26. Both hell and heaven can be experienced through your thoughts.

27. Quality thoughts equal to a quality life.

28. Bad and negative thoughts invite many plagues and diseases.

29. You are as valuable as your thoughts.

30. Both happy and sad thoughts reflect on your face. Make sure you always looking happy.

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