Sayings And Quotes About Comparison

quotes about comparison

Nature has given special talent to everyone, yet people try to be like others instead of looking for their own talent. Here are quotes about comparison that will help you build confidence in yourself and recognize your talent.

Quotes About Comparison

1. Comparing your bad with their good doesn’t make any sense.

2. Two humans are completely different from each other, comparing them is like insulting nature.

3. When the creator did not give the same appearance to two people, how can you expect similar qualities in them?

4. Comparing yourself to others is like cursing yourself.

5. The biggest self-abuse in the world is to compare yourself to others.

6. Everything is complete in its existence and when you know this, then the feeling of comparison disappears from inside you.

7. Take inspiration from others instead of comparing yourself with others.

8. If they’ve got their talent, it doesn’t mean you don’t have your own.

9. Your competitor is only you, so compare yourself only to yourself.

10. Don’t compare your weakness to their strength.

11. If you know what the purpose of your life is, you will never compare yourself to anyone.

12. You cannot be proud if you are not unique.

13. The cheapest act you can do is to compare yourself to someone else.

14. When comparing yourself to others, you disappoint yourself and by comparing yourself to yourself you make yourself better.

15. There is no finish line when your competition is with you.

16. Most people are in conflict with themselves to be like others and it is very embarrassing.

17. You are worthy enough for yourself.

18. You are not going to achieve their goals, so do not compare with their progress.

19. Be yourself, and let them be you.

20. Comparison and lack of self-confidence is the reason for jealousy.

Comparison Quotes In English

21. You have a personality that no one else has, so do not be disrespectful by comparing it to others.

22. Everyone is on their own separate timeline, so there cannot be a comparison between two timelines.

23. You have something that no one has, be you and enjoy your being.

24. Your uniqueness increases when you stop comparing yourself to others and start focusing on your own talents.

25. Maybe their time is going to end and your time is about to start. Therefore it is useless to compare.

26. Creative person never compares, but praises.

27. Comparison is the cheapest means of killing talent.

28. Don’t compare or compete with anyone, everyone has their own superpowers.

29. When you know your uniqueness then there is no competition in your life.

30. Every flower has its own scent.

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quotes about comparison
quotes about comparison
quotes about comparison
quotes about comparison
quotes about comparison

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