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If you really want to succeed in life and eager to achieve big goals then these powerful quotes will help you in your path to success.

Powerful Quotes

1. You are the hero of your own life, you don’t need to compete with anyone.

2. Alone you are the one man army if you know how powerful your mind is.

3. No one is born skilled, you have to polish yourself to shine.

4. If you want to live an extraordinary life then you have to be careful.

5. Mercy has more power than violence.

6. Your life status is more important than your WhatsApp status.

7. Your positive attitude will kill all your problems itself.

8. Little boy with dreams becomes a man with a vision.

9. While everyone is following religions, you have to follow humanity to stand out among others.

10. Be the perfect one in the imperfect situations.

11. You own the story of your life, you can edit it when you need it.

12. Today’s struggle will be tomorrow’s strength.

13. Everyone has their own life, there is no competition.

14. Control your thoughts, not others.

15. There is only one supernatural power in the world. “IMAGINATION”

16. Don’t think about building the sea. You must start with a small river.

17. The strength is not about how much it is but how long it can last.

18. Life is too short and it is not always possible to give up tomorrow.

19. You are brave enough to do anything.

20. When tears run out, the remaining should be strong.

21. Opportunities have a special affinity for prepared minds.

22. God is completely trying to straighten your will and set up obstacles on the road.

23. Those who dare to declare war on the dark have their own inner light.

24. The most tiring thing in life is nothing more than a false life.

Powerful Quotes About Success

25. Consistency is the passport to success

26. The course of failure is also a successful course.

27. As long as you have confidence you will never be defeated.

28. Action has the power to transform fate.

29. I believe in myself, when whole world denies me.

30. Success is a simple matter that is repeated over and over again.

31. Tired is right. Comfort is reserved for dead.

32. No matter how unfortunate you feel, someone is always more sad than you.

33. No one can bear the pain for you and no one can take away your strength.

34. Destiny never sympathizes with the weak.

35. After some tempering in the ocean, pebbles become more beautiful and smooth.

36. Those who can overcome difficulties can turn difficulties into opportunities.

37. The healthy body is the cornerstone of a real goal.

38. The rudder that controls fate is “Struggle”.

39. Even the best seeds can’t bear fruit without sowing.

40. As long as there is tomorrow, today is always the beginning.

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