Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

sadhguru quotes

Sadhguru Quotes

We have the technology, resources, and capability right now to address every issue on the planet. The only thing missing is inclusive consciousness. – Sadhguru

We have to make people realize that God doesn’t need soldiers who fight for him. – Sadhguru

What you do should not define who you are. Who you are should define what you do. – Sadhguru

What you need is not compassion but acceptance and respect. – Sadhguru

What you need to make your marriage successful is not the perfect person. What you need is absolute integrity. – Sadhguru

Whatever happens, you getting depressed is not a solution. You getting depressed would be one more problem. – Sadhguru

Whatever physical activity you do – if you do it with involvement and joy, you are a karma yogi. – Sadhguru

Whatever you do willingly, you enjoy. Whatever you do unwillingly, you suffer. – Sadhguru

Whatever you do, do it in style. But not necessarily in one particular style. – Sadhguru

Whatever you may be going through, if you are conscious about it and do a simple spiritual sadhana, it will fix itself. – Sadhguru

Whatever you may do in your life, do it well. – Sadhguru

Whatever you may do in your life, do it well. – Sadhguru

Whatever you need will just happen if you keep your energies exuberant and focused.  – Sadhguru

Whatever your goal in life, unless you develop a great urgency, what could be near will be far away. – Sadhguru

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When I speak, I am not giving a teaching. I am only making people thirsty to know. As knowing oneself is the fundamental and the Ultimate. – Sadhguru

When pain, misery, or anger happen, it is time to look within you, not around you. – Sadhguru

When people are alone, they become spiritual. When in company, they become religious. – Sadhguru

When somebody else calls you a fool, it becomes an insult. But when you realise that you’re a bloody fool, it’s a sign of intelligence.

When the need to be special is gone, that is when you are unique. Significance of life is in its uniqueness. – Sadhguru

When the wellbeing of others is above your own, a different kind of strength, a strength that will carry you through life and beyond, will become available. – Sadhguru

When there is no envy, jealousy, and comparison within you, you can focus your full capabilities on doing what is needed. – Sadhguru

When there is prejudice and resentment in you, it will make you suffer more than physical disease or injury. – Sadhguru

When things go wrong in life, that is when it shows who you are. When things go well, everyone can pretend to be fantastic. – Sadhguru

When you are joyous by your own nature, the very way you perceive and express yourself, the very way you experience your life will change. – Sadhguru

When you are no more identified with your physicality, you become available to Grace. – Sadhguru

When you came into this world, you came without a single investment. So whatever happens in your life, anyway you are in profit. – Sadhguru

When you do not know what to choose, show total involvement in everything. Then life will choose, and it is never wrong. – Sadhguru

When you feel complete within yourself on all levels – physically, mentally, and spiritually – you are truly healthy; and it is not far away but within. – Sadhguru

Where there is integrity, there will be trust. Where there is trust, there will be an atmosphere for success. – Sadhguru

Whether it is drink, drugs, or other risky things – too many lives have been wasted in misguided efforts to break our limitations. – Sadhguru

Whether you are a man or a woman, unless the feminine becomes alive in you, you will never experience the finer aspects of life. – Sadhguru

Whether you call it a stone, a beast, a tree, a Human, a demon, or the Divine – everything is the same energy, manifesting itself in a million different ways. As a Human, choose how to manifest. – Sadhguru

Whether you can perform like someone else or not is not the point. The question is, are you exploring the full depth of your potential. – Sadhguru

Whether you say ‘God is everywhere’ or ‘everything is one energy’ – it is the same reality, expressed in different ways. – Sadhguru

Who you are is your making. Once you understand this, at least you must make yourself to your own liking. – Sadhguru

With age, your physical agility may go down; your aliveness need not go down. – Sadhguru

With every breath, we are one step closer to the grave. Now is the time to explore a dimension beyond body and mind. – Sadhguru

With Relentless Commitment, you can create the most incredible. – Sadhguru

With the necessary technology, simple space, even a piece of stone can be made into divine exuberance. This is the phenomenon of consecration. – Sadhguru

Within myself, I have never formed a single opinion about anyone. I always look at them like I am seeing them for the first time. – Sadhguru

Without a sense of abandon, you will never walk full stride in your life. – Sadhguru

Yoga is about plugging into an uninterrupted source of power. – Sadhguru

Yoga is not a sedative but an invigorating force. – Sadhguru

Yogis are not against pleasure. It is just that they found something much more intense and enduring within themselves. – Sadhguru

You are just a speck of dust in the universe. If you understand the context of your existence, you will naturally become silent. – Sadhguru

You are life, and you are here to live, Experience and serve life. No one has any right to have a mission of their own. – Sadhguru

You are not only bound to the people you like or love. Your bondage to those you dislike or hate is much deeper. – Sadhguru

You being a pleasant piece of life is one hundred percent in your hands, if you take charge of it. – Sadhguru

You cannot fix the past, but you can create a distance with it. That is how the yogic system approaches it. – Sadhguru

You earn a living to live well, not to kill yourself with stress. – Sadhguru

You may have a family, work, and things to do, but not for a moment should you forget the mortal nature of your life. – Sadhguru

You must build yourself in such a way that when opportunities open up in your life, your body and mind won’t hold you back. – Sadhguru

You shouldn’t be committed to the way someone else wants you to be. You must be committed to the way you want to be. – Sadhguru

You want to be loved because you feel incomplete. Otherwise, being loved can be quite a nuisance. – Sadhguru

Your ability to love, to reach out, and to experience life is limitless. The limitation is only of Action of body and mind. – Sadhguru

Your ability to love, to reach out, and to experience life is limitless. The limitation is only of the mind. – Sadhguru

Your anger is your problem – keep it to yourself. – Sadhguru

Your body should feel like breeze. Only then are you really healthy. – Sadhguru

Your brain need not deteriorate with age. With simple yogic practices, you can keep enhancing it.- Sadhguru

Your entire life is a Virtual Reality, because you are seeing it only the way it happens in your mind. – Sadhguru

Your experience of life does not depend on who or what is around you but on how you are. – Sadhguru

Your history is animal. Your future is divinity. Right now, you are like a pendulum, swinging between the two. – Sadhguru

Your life is not an individual existence. What you exhale, the trees are inhaling; what the trees exhale, you are inhaling. If this was in everyone’s experience, would we have to tell you to plant and protect trees? – Sadhguru

Your logical mind is good enough to handle the mundane. If you want to enter the mystical, it is of no use. – Sadhguru

Your physical health, your psychological health, your spiritual possibility – everything is determined by how much solar energy you have within you.- Sadhguru

Your thoughts and emotions are the drama that you create in your mind. You must be able to direct it the way you wish. – Sadhguru

Your very body is Earth. Let’s walk gently and sensibly on this planet. – Sadhguru

Youth are natural seekers of truth. Time to empower them with the needed clarity, commitment, and courage to find their truth. – Sadhguru

Youth have a natural affinity for Truth. Truth meaning what truly works on all levels. – Sadhguru

Youthfulness is about how vibrantly alive you are, not when you were born. – Sadhguru

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