Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

sadhguru quotes

Sadhguru Quotes

51. If you really want to know spirituality then don’t try to get anything.

52. When you start getting success in everything, then you feel that all the planets are circling you, not the sun!

53. Yoga is the experience of unity and infinity with existence and whole life.

54. There is something inside every human being who dislikes boundaries, longs to be unlimited.

55. When you are happy on the inside, you naturally become pleasant to the people around you, to everything.

56. Inner happiness is a perfect recipe for creating a peaceful society and a happy world.

57. To be successful, happiness should be a fundamental quality in you.

58. Actually, the highest level of joy is heaven, and the highest level of sorrow is hell.

59. The only obstacle between you and your happiness is that you have let your thoughts and feelings take instructions from outside rather than from inside.

60. We have to understand that until we do the right things, the right things cannot happen to us. This is true not only for the outside world but also for the inside.

61. Suffering or pleasure, grief or bliss, sadness or ecstasy, all just happen in you. The whole experience is embedded inside.

62. You Can Use The External Thing As A Motivator Or Stimulant, But The Real Thing Always Comes From Inside – Sadhguru Quotes

63. If you are aware, you can activate your system in such a way that just breathing can become enjoyable for you.

64. If you consider peace to be the ultimate goal, then you will only be able to rest in peace in the tomb.

65. Whatever you are deprived of, that is what you see as the highest aspiration.

66. The craving for human life is of unlimited expansion and only this thing can calm you down.

67. When you are in bliss, you are in the highest state of receptivity, and are truly willing to explore all aspects of life.

68. Choosing options due to your inability cannot bring a solution in your life.

69. Enlightenment is neither an accomplishment nor a title, it is a homecoming. When you realize that all your experiences come from within, this complete homecoming is called enlightenment.

70. Our physical and social world is governed by boundaries, but our inner world does not need any boundaries.

71. Creating your own destiny means that you are constantly moving towards your happiness and your extreme nature, and it does not matter what the conditions of life around you are.

72. To be fully responsible means to be fully aware.

73. Responding is slavery but taking responsibility is freedom.

74. Once you take over your inner life, there is no such thing as stress.

75. If you accept 100% responsibility for the way you are right now, better tomorrow can be a possibility for you.

76. If you live your life just by logic, your life will become chaotic.

77. Responsibility is not a forced action, it gives you the option to choose action.

78. Your Life cannot germinate without the yearning to transform.

79. To Take Responsibility Is To Own Your Life – Sadhguru Quotes

80. Every human being constantly lives in the absence of a deficiency, no matter who he is or what he has achieved. Every human has a basic desire to get unlimited expansion.

81. Yoga is not related to being a great human being; Its purpose is to make you realize that being human is great.

82. To increase your perception means to increase your ability to accept life as it is.

83. The posture that helps you reach your peak nature is called Yogasana.

84. Learning to listen to life is the essence of a sensible life.

85. The way you keep your body determines almost everything about you.

86. Your body is like an antenna, if you keep it in the right position then it becomes receptive to everything that exists.

87. Such childish talk about heaven and its pleasures is done only because the possibilities of being a human being have not been explored.

88. When you understand that you are not only your body, then your awareness of other aspects of your existence naturally increases.

89. If food is your biggest constraint, then it would be better if you consciously skip one meal.

90. Stress is created by our compulsive response to the situation we are in.

91. Existence is a dance between latent and express.

92. If you have only known the body “which you have to lose anyway” then worry and fear will be your forever companions.

93. When you realize your mortal nature only then you want to know what else is there in life.

94. An indescribable depth comes inside you when you realize your mortal nature.

95. Death Is Not The End Of Life, Death Is Simply The End Of The Body. – Sadhguru Quotes

96. Yoga is a journey to a reality in which you experience the ultimate nature of existence as an infinite oneness.

97. People who are immersed in their own psychological realities usually ignore the life around them.

98. You cannot live on this earth without logical thinking, but being too logical is like suicide.

99. Your knowledge of anything, which is not a living experience for you, is just pure garbage.

100. Instead of keeping your intellect in the bag of memory and identity, learn to keep it in the sheath of your awareness.

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sadhguru quotes
sadhguru quotes
sadhguru quotes
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sadhguru quotes

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