Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

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Sadhguru Quotes On Life

Conflict in the world is an outer manifestation of the human mind. In bringing a sense of ease to human mind, we shall know the Power of Peace. – Sadhguru

Conscious action does not produce karma – reaction does. – Sadhguru

Consciousness is non-physical. What is non-physical is naturally one. – Sadhguru

Constructive criticism of policy and government’s functioning is fine. That is the life breath of democracy. Blind opposition is just prejudice. – Sadhguru

Courageous people do idiotic things. Fearful people do little. Fearless people see life as it is and do what is needed. – Sadhguru

Democracy means all of us should actively participate to make this a wonderful place to live, not point fingers. – Sadhguru

Devotion is a place where you do not exist; life just flows through you as a certain sweetness and beauty. – Sadhguru

Devotion is a way to merge into all that you are in touch with – breath, work, people, planet, and the very universe. – Sadhguru

Devotion is about you. Maybe you use another as inspiration, but you change your quality into a profound sense of sweetness. – Sadhguru

Devotion is the highest form of intelligence. When you overflow with sweetness of Devotion, then you function at your Best. – Sadhguru

Dharma is not a teaching, philosophy, or belief system. It is based on clarity of vision about life here and hereafter. – Sadhguru

Do everything like it is the last thing you do. There is nothing to hold back, nothing to save for later. – Sadhguru

Do not aspire for enlightenment. The aspiration should be to grow beyond your present limitations quickly. – Sadhguru

Do not be excessively concerned about your health – that itself is sickness. – Sadhguru

Do not classify people as extrovert or introvert. Every human being has the right to be whichever way they want. – Sadhguru

Do not fight your cravings for sweets. If you yourself turn sweet, sweets will lose their attraction. – Sadhguru

Do not go searching for a Guru. When the pain of ignorance within you becomes a scream, a Guru will come in search of you. – Sadhguru

Do not just think about making money – think about living well. The most important aspect of living well is doing what you truly care for. – Sadhguru

Do not like anyone, do not dislike anyone – just be with them. – Sadhguru

Do not look up to anything, nor look down on anything. Then you will see creation just the way it is. – Sadhguru

Do not think about enlightenment – look at your limitations and how to go beyond them. That’s the way to progress. – Sadhguru

Do not underestimate negative relationships. You have a deep bond with those you hate, fear, or envy. – Sadhguru

Do what really matters to you in life. Whatever it is, it should be worthy of you. – Sadhguru

Don’t be dead serious about your life. Seriousness will bring the quality of Death while alive. – Sadhguru

Don’t judge someone’s spiritual process by their behavior. The spiritual process is beyond the ways of body and mind. – Sadhguru

Don’t think spirituality means having a nice, quiet life – it means being on fire. – Sadhguru

Ecological sustenance and the Inclusive nature of spiritual process are inseparable. – Sadhguru

Education is not just an accumulation of information but essentially about enhancing one’s ability to perceive. – Sadhguru

Empowered by life energy, imagination shall manifest as Reality. – Sadhguru

Energy is useful only if you can direct it the way you want. That is when a human being transforms into a spiritual possibility. – Sadhguru

Engineering the outside world can create comfort and convenience. Only engineering your interiority can create wellbeing. – Sadhguru

Enlightenment is not about Light, but about a Vision that is beyond Light and Darkness. – Sadhguru

Enormous potential and possibilities are destroyed in your life by the fear of suffering. – Sadhguru

Essentially, leadership is the art and science of making things happen. – Sadhguru

Every other creature on the planet is eco-friendly. Only we human beings need to learn to live consciously. – Sadhguru

Every thought, every reverberation you create on the level of the mind changes the chemistry in your body. – Sadhguru

Everyone has dreams, but how many are willing to stake their life to fulfill that dream? – Sadhguru

Everything comes from the same source. You come to absolute ease only if you experience yourself as a part of existence, not as a separate individual. – Sadhguru

Everything in existence is in dynamic motion. Either move with it or rise above it. – Sadhguru

Excellence is not about being better than someone else. Excellence means to function with utmost ease and at your best. – Sadhguru

Fear arises simply because you are not living with life – you are living in your mind. – Sadhguru

Fears and insecurities are unconsciously created by you. If you do not create them, they do not exist. – Sadhguru

Feminine is a powerful dimension of life. Without the feminine energy or ‘Shakti,’ there would be nothing in existence. – Sadhguru

For a committed person, there is no such thing as failure – just lessons to be learnt on the way. – Sadhguru

For anyone in whatever they are doing, success will not come without Grace. – Sadhguru

For compulsiveness, there is only one cure – consciousness. There is simply no other way. – Sadhguru

For most people, love means, ‘You must do what I want.’ No, love means, they can do what they want, and we still love them. – Sadhguru

For the health of the economy, we compromise the health of human beings. It is time we let consciousness guide our lives. – Sadhguru

For wealth to translate into wellbeing, you need a spiritual element within you. Without that, your success could work against you. – Sadhguru

For your innate qualities and possibilities to find expression, it needs a highway of willingness, not the cage of unwillingness. – Sadhguru

Fundamentally, the only thing you can give is yourself. – Sadhguru

Ganesh is intelligence personified. Today is the day to boost your brain, not your belly. – Sadhguru

Good intentions are not enough. It takes the right action, performed with the right consciousness, to produce the necessary results. – Sadhguru

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