Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

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Sadhguru Quotes For Inspiration

Gratitude is not something you have to express. If you are filled with gratitude for all the things that contribute to your life, it will melt your very being. – Sadhguru

Guilt is a socially cultivated emotion, a poison directed towards yourself. – Sadhguru

Guru’s Grace is not designed to fulfill your plans but life’s plan for you. – Sadhguru

Hatha Yoga is about aligning your system to the cosmic geometry. A way to become an extension of cosmic reverb. – Sadhguru

Having children is not about reproduction – you are creating the next generation of people. This is a tremendous responsibility. – Sadhguru

Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with life. – Sadhguru

Heaven and hell are not geographical locations, just dimensions of experience. – Sadhguru

Hope is for the sad. They are hoping that tomorrow, they will be joyful. The joyful are joyful right now. – Sadhguru

How alive, active, passionate, or even ecstatic you are simply depends on your level of intensity. – Sadhguru

How effective you are in life is essentially determined by your level of clarity and balance. – Sadhguru

How in sync you are with people, things, or just the space around you will decide how smoothly you function in the world. – Sadhguru

How to Make a Decision You Won’t Regret Later – Sadhguru

How you are in this moment, both mentally and emotionally, manifests in every action that you perform. – Sadhguru

How you handle a situation is not entirely your choice. But how you handle yourself is entirely yours. – Sadhguru

However dear something may be to you, including your own body and life, you must know how to let it go gracefully when the time comes. – Sadhguru

Human life is a possibility. Do you have the courage and commitment to make the possibility into a reality. – Sadhguru

I am just interested in life. Whatever and wherever, I am inevitably involved. – Sadhguru

I do not believe in telling people what they should do. My business is only to make you conscious. – Sadhguru

I do not understand why people want to control their minds. I want them to liberate their minds. – Sadhguru

I don’t believe in material wealth. My wealth is in the hearts of people. – Sadhguru

I have never been lonely because the source of creation has never left me for a moment, has never left anyone for a moment. – Sadhguru

I have never done any action for satisfaction. Everything I have done is an expression of my blissfulness and my love for what is around me. – Sadhguru

I want to see you focused on something, whatever it is. Because if a human being stays focused, the universe will yield. – Sadhguru

I’m always intoxicated. No drink, no substance. There’s a way to create blissfulness from within. – Sadhguru

I’m not racing with anyone, but definitely going at full throttle, in every aspect of my life. – Sadhguru

I’m trying to increase the percentage of ecstatic people on the planet. You are my hope. – Sadhguru

Idiots do things they don’t like. Intelligent ones do what they love. Geniuses learn to do what is needed joyfully. – Sadhguru

If an elected government is working against the nation’s interests, the makers of our Constitution provided sufficient instruments to stop such things. There are avenues to address such issues. Vitriol is not the solution. – Sadhguru

If just one percent of the population stands up in a committed way, at least the physical suffering in the world could be wiped out. – Sadhguru

If life and you being alive is the most important thing in your life, if you wake up in the morning, it means you are still alive – does it not at least deserve a wonderful smile from you. – Sadhguru

If sex is in your body, it’s fine. If it gets into your head, it becomes a perversion. – Sadhguru

If the atmosphere we live in makes us, we cannot call ourselves leaders. If we make the atmosphere we live in, only then can we call ourselves leaders. – Sadhguru

If there is no risk of failure, there can be no success. – Sadhguru

If there is total clarity, there is no need for courage, because clarity will carry you across. – Sadhguru

If we nurture hatred and violence against others, someday, it will come back to us. – Sadhguru

If we want everyone to be well, we need to rethink everything we do and the way we are doing it in the world. – Sadhguru

If we want humanity to enjoy the fruits of science and technology rather than using them to destroy the entire planet, the most important thing that needs to be done right now is raising human consciousness. – Sadhguru

If we want stability in our family, society, nation, and the world, we need to create stability in individual human beings. – Sadhguru

If what is happening in the world is not the way you want it, at least what is happening within you must be the way you want it. – Sadhguru

If with every single act that you do, you create what you care for, then whatever you get or do not get, your life is beautiful. – Sadhguru

If you allow experiences of the past to overshadow your future, you are ensuring there is no future in your life, just recycling the past.- Sadhguru

If you apply only your intellect, ignoring other aspects of intelligence, you will get confused about every little thing in life. – Sadhguru

If you are concerned about how to be better than someone else, you cannot enjoy anyone’s success, nor can you enjoy your own success. – Sadhguru

If you are concerned about the world, the first thing you need to do is transform yourself into a joyful being. – Sadhguru

If you are conscious that you are mortal, there is no time to do anything stupid. You have to stay on track. – Sadhguru

If you are miserable when you are alone, you are obviously in bad company. – Sadhguru

If you are not identified with the accumulations of body and mind, you will become still. And that is all it takes to meditate. – Sadhguru

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