Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

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Sadhguru Quotes On Love

Love is a longing to include someone as a part of yourself. It is a possibility to become more than what you are, by inclusion. – Sadhguru

Love is not a joy; it is a deep, wonderful pain. Everything within you should tear. Only then will you know what love is. – Sadhguru

Love is not an instrument of convenience. Love is a process of self-annihilation. – Sadhguru

Love is not something that you do – it is something that you can become. – Sadhguru

Love needs response – otherwise, it will not last long. Devotion does not need anyone’s help – you are simply on by yourself. – Sadhguru

Make yourself in such a way that you are always part of the solution, not the problem. – Sadhguru

Making a prediction based on existing realities completely discounts the human potential to transform situations. – Sadhguru

Marriage means weaving two lives into one. Thinking, feeling, and living beyond yourself can be a stepping stone to Ultimate Union. – Sadhguru

May the labors of your life be not of hardship but of Love and Joy. – Sadhguru

May this Great Night of Shiva become a night of awakening for you. #MahaShivRatri #YogiShiva – Sadhguru

May you be overwhelmed by life, this tremendous phenomenon that is creation and Creator at once! – Sadhguru

Meditation is a possibility to awaken new dimensions within you. – Sadhguru

Meditation is not an act – it is a quality. – Sadhguru

Memory is like a treadmill. It gives you a lot of exercise, never takes you anywhere. – Sadhguru

Modern societies are trying to limit the whole existence to the physical. The physical is only a base, not the real thing. – Sadhguru

Most human beings live like a bird in a cage whose door is blown away. Too busy gold-plating the cage to soar to their ultimate possibility. – Sadhguru

Most people in the world are not busy – they are just preoccupied. – Sadhguru

My whole life is devoted to every human being, every creature on the planet. Devotion is just a deeper love affair. – Sadhguru

Negative energies cannot touch you if you are in a state of meditativeness. – Sadhguru

Never before has Humanity been as empowered as we are today. We can make this the most wonderful and impactful time in the history of Humanity. – Sadhguru

Never form an opinion on anyone. How they are in this moment is all that matters. How they are tomorrow, let us see. Tomorrow must be created, not concretized right now. – Sadhguru

Never look up to anyone – never look down on anyone. When you see everything as it is, you will navigate through life effortlessly. – Sadhguru

New, challenging situations are possibilities, not problems. A problem would be if nothing new happens to you. – Sadhguru

No job is inherently stressful. What causes stress is our compulsive reaction to challenging situations. – Sadhguru

No matter what life throws at you – what you make out of it is up to you. – Sadhguru

No one can achieve wellbeing through someone else’s suffering. – Sadhguru

No one can cause mental pain to you. It is you – in reaction to something that happens around you. – Sadhguru

No one has a perfect body or a perfect mind. In that sense, all of us are disabled in some way. But beyond the physiological and psychological dimensions, all life is just the same. – Sadhguru

No one has ever achieved anything truly significant in any sphere of life without being absolutely devoted to what they are doing. – Sadhguru

No one likes to be managed. But everyone longs to be included. – Sadhguru

No relationship is absolute – it is always variable. You have to conduct it well on a daily basis. – Sadhguru

Nothing is accidental here. The whole physical existence is happening between cause and consequence. – Sadhguru

Nothing should be ‘use and throw.’ This is not just about saving resources. This is about a certain respect for all creation. – Sadhguru

Nothing wonderful is ever going to happen unless we actively make it happen. – Sadhguru

Of all the creatures, only a human being can explore and know dimensions beyond the physical. – Sadhguru

Once in a way, something may go wrong in your life. But if your mind and your energies are focused on beating yourself up, it will become a series of disasters. – Sadhguru

Once you are clear about what you are doing and why, other people’s opinions will not matter. – Sadhguru

Once you are trapped in your mental framework, there’s no space to experience life in its full glory. – Sadhguru

Once you experientially know that you are not the body and not the mind, there is no possibility of suffering for you. – Sadhguru

Once you learn to function at the highest possible level, everything will become a play. – Sadhguru

Once you let your past decide how you experience the present, you have destroyed your future. – Sadhguru

Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations. – Sadhguru

One moment of absolute gratitude can transform your whole life. – Sadhguru

One of the most important things for the growth of a child is exposure to nature and to the elements. Without a healthy body, there is no healthy mind. – Sadhguru

One who cannot laugh, cannot meditate. Laughter is a certain exuberance of your energy. Meditation is ultimate exuberance of your energy without physical action. – Sadhguru

One who earns Devi’s Grace is a Blessed Being. You will live a life that is well beyond your imagination, competence, and capabilities. – Sadhguru

One who has a longing to grow has to ensure to be receptive to Grace. – Sadhguru

One who is stuck in the realm of right and wrong, liking and disliking, will never know the texture of love. – Sadhguru

Only if you are in touch with the innermost core of who you are, will you live a complete life. – Sadhguru

Only if you clean your energy system of karmic imprint, can you change your destiny. This is why yogic kriyas are important. – Sadhguru

Only if you do something larger than yourself, will you feel forever fulfilled. – Sadhguru

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