Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

sadhguru quotes

Sadhguru Quotes

Technology without wisdom brings destruction. – Sadhguru

The basic virtue for a human being is to be true to yourself – integrity of thought, emotion, and action. – Sadhguru

The Beauty of Motherhood is not a certain capability but willingness to include. – Sadhguru

The beauty of spring is, the fruit is yet to come, but the flower is a promise and a possibility. – Sadhguru

The best way to approach Navratri is in a spirit of celebration. This is the secret of life: to be non-serious but absolutely involved. – Sadhguru

The best way to become spiritual is to consciously evolve to a point where you are not compulsorily reactive anymore. – Sadhguru

The biggest issue with human beings is they do not know how to handle their thoughts and emotions. – Sadhguru

The body is individual. The mind is individual. Consciousness cannot be individual – it can only be inclusive. – Sadhguru

The choice is either you fix yourself or you try to fix the truth. With one you will attain to the highest, with the other you turn into trash. – Sadhguru

The conclusions that you make in your mind can seriously impede your ability to experience life. – Sadhguru

The Divine is constantly waiting at your doorstep to move in – if only you allow the necessary space. – Sadhguru

The Divine is far more inebriating than wine. – Sadhguru

The essence of Inner Engineering is to engineer yourself in such a way that every moment of your life is a new possibility. – Sadhguru

The first step towards knowing is to see that you do not know. – Sadhguru

The greatest contribution that you can do to all around you is, Make yourself into a wonderful Human Being. – Sadhguru

The greatest fulfillment in life is to do something which is much larger than yourself. – Sadhguru

The idea of God came up because people have no explanation for such a magnificent creation. – Sadhguru

The idea that women are inferior to men is absurd. When a man is born of a woman, how can he be superior and she inferior. #InternationalWomensDay  – Sadhguru

The inner dimension is uncharted terrain; it is sensible to take directions. A guru is a live road map. – Sadhguru

The intellect is like a knife – the sharper, the better. As long as you know how to handle it. – Sadhguru

The intensity of your experience is more important than the immensity of your possessions. – Sadhguru

The life within you cannot be unpleasant. Unpleasantness is created in the mind. – Sadhguru

The mind is like a mirror. A concave mirror exaggerates. A convex mirror depreciates. A plain mirror shows you life the way it is. – Sadhguru

The mind is like a puzzle with too many pieces missing. Trying to make sense out of it makes no sense. -Sadhguru

The mind is there to perceive, not to cook up nonsense. It has to be like a mirror, showing you everything the way it is. – Sadhguru

The moment you function in the world without being concerned about what is happening to life around you, you are a Criminal. – Sadhguru

The more you identify with your mind, the further away you are from Your Self. – Sadhguru

The more you know about something, the better you can handle it. The more you know about Yourself, the better you can handle Yourself. This is called self-realization. – Sadhguru

The most effective way of touching lives around you is to break your own barriers. – Sadhguru

The most important thing in life is balance. If there is no balance, your own body and mind will work against you. – Sadhguru

The most important thing is that you’re alive right now. If you wake up in the morning, will you give yourself one big smile? – Sadhguru

The most precious thing in life is life itself. Are you getting this now or only on your deathbed? – Sadhguru

The Nation is not the land – it is the people. In transforming the people, we shall have a great Nation. – Sadhguru

The nature of life is such that if you unblock and allow it to flow, life is a beautiful experience. If you hold back, it becomes misery. – Sadhguru

The only way you can taste life is with involvement. – Sadhguru

The process of yoga is to see how to go beyond the mind. Only when you are beyond the content of the mind can you really be yourself. – Sadhguru

The purpose of existence is to exist. It is too fantastic to be stymied by meanings of any sort. – Sadhguru

The quality and quantity of your harvest is in direct proportion to the quality and quantity of your striving. – Sadhguru

The quality of your life does not depend on your clothes, car, or home, but on how peaceful and joyful you are. – Sadhguru

The science of yoga is not just about health and fitness. It is an ultimate solution for every aspect of human existence. – Sadhguru

The simplest contribution that you can do to all around you is to at least be joyful. – Sadhguru

The smartest thing about a lot of people is their phone. – Sadhguru

The source of creation is everywhere, and it is constantly on. If it withdraws, the whole universe will disappear in a moment. One’s perception is the only limitation. – Sadhguru

The thirst to be boundless is not created by you; it is just life longing for itself. – Sadhguru

The way you breathe is the way you think. The way you think is the way you breathe. – Sadhguru

The whole art of being a Guru is just this: to constantly puncture people’s ego and still manage to remain their friend. – Sadhguru

The whole effort of yogic practices and meditation is to move to a higher level of vibrance and awareness. You can make yourself in such a way that in your presence, people become peaceful and joyful. – Sadhguru

The word yoga means union. That means you consciously obliterate the boundaries of individuality and reverberate with the rest of the cosmos. – Sadhguru

There are many things human beings can design. But the greatest form of design is if you become the designer of your own life. – Sadhguru

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