Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

sadhguru quotes

Sadhguru Quotes

There are no bad children – only bad influences. – Sadhguru

There are no good people and bad people. Everyone is oscillating between the two. But for sure there are the Intelligent and the Idiotic. – Sadhguru

There are no problems, only situations. It’s in how you approach them. – Sadhguru

There is a difference between a genuine spiritual process and spiritual entertainment. I have decided I will not enter entertainment business. – Sadhguru

There is a distance between possibility and reality. Do you have the courage and commitment to walk this distance? – Sadhguru

There is a lot more to life than your thoughts and emotions. Time to move from psychological space to life-scape. – Sadhguru

There is a region beyond reason. Unless you get there, you will neither know the sweetness of love nor the Divine. – Sadhguru

There is no culture of Health today – only medical care. Bringing in a culture of Health should be Mission 1 for individuals and the Nation. – Sadhguru

There is no need to do what others are doing. You must do what truly matters to you. – Sadhguru

There is no substitute for involvement. Where there is no involvement, there is no life. – Sadhguru

There is no such thing as having achieved your fullest potential. As a human being, you are a limitless possibility. – Sadhguru

There is no such thing as right and wrong in life. The question is, are your actions appropriate and inclusive. – Sadhguru

There is not a single breath in my life that is not my Guru’s will. – Sadhguru

There is nothing to invent in the universe – in some way, everything is already there. We can only discover its many facets. – Sadhguru

There is really no limit as to what one can do. Because capabilities can be constantly enhanced. – Sadhguru

There is too much talk about heaven because too many people have made a hell out of themselves. – Sadhguru

There should be neither a compulsion to break the rules of the past, nor to do things the way they were done in the past. – Sadhguru

Thinking is just a recycling of data that you have gathered in the past. – Sadhguru

This body is a machine that gets better with use. – Sadhguru

This is a dream of many people: unconditional love. There is no such thing – in every relationship, there are conditions. – Sadhguru

This is an ideal day to clear your home, your mind, and your emotions of all that is redundant, and make a fresh start. – Sadhguru

This is the age of expression without perception. To know life, you need perception. – Sadhguru

This is the nature of existence – if you do the right things, the right things will happen to you. – Sadhguru

This is the time of the year to get rid of all the unnecessary things – in your home, your body, mind, emotions – and start life afresh. – Sadhguru

This is what life is about – something bigger than ourselves must happen. That is the significance of these millions of years of evolution. – Sadhguru

Those who think women cannot be leaders are not married. – Sadhguru

Thought and emotion are not separate entities. The way you think is the way you feel. – Sadhguru

Thoughts and emotions come from the same source. Thoughts are the dry expressions of the mind, emotions are juicy. The way you think is the way you feel. – Sadhguru

Time is a relative experience. For one who is focused and joyful, it’s a very brief life. – Sadhguru

Time is slipping away for all of us at the same pace. You cannot manage time, but you can manage your energy. – Sadhguru

Timely death is not a disaster. Too many births – that is the real disaster. – Sadhguru

To be able to sit still, working only on your body is not enough. You also have to settle your mind, emotions, and energy. – Sadhguru

To create an outside situation, you need the cooperation of other people and forces. To create an inner situation, you only need yourself. – Sadhguru

To plunge into the core of life is the only sacredness there is. To live superficially is the only sin. – Sadhguru

To volunteer is to become willing. To be willing beyond personal choices is the way to liberation. – Sadhguru

Too many human beings are crippled either with fear or with guilt. This crippling of Humanity is passing off as Religion. – Sadhguru

Too many people are carrying grave faces. You don’t have to practice your last pose in life. When it comes to death, you are a natural star. – Sadhguru

Too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. It is simply because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts. – Sadhguru

Transformation is when who you are is not determined anymore by other people’s opinions or other people’s presence. – Sadhguru

Trust does not mean that others have to do things the way you expect them to do them. Trust means to become vulnerable. – Sadhguru

Truth is the only authority. Authority is not the truth. – Sadhguru

Truth means ‘that which is.’ To make friends with ‘that which is,’ you simply have to Be. – Sadhguru

Unless you do the right things, right things will not happen to you. – Sadhguru

Using people and loving things – this is a complete misunderstanding of life. Things are for use. People are for love. – Sadhguru

Water is not a commodity but life-making material. Two thirds of your body is water; being conscious of this fact is vital to human survival. – Sadhguru #CauveryCalling

We are eating, using up, and possessing more than we should. That is why a large portion of the human population is hungry. – Sadhguru

We are looking for something spectacular all the time. It is time we understand the most beautiful aspects of life happen slowly, gently, without any noise. – Sadhguru

We are moving into an era where authority cannot be The Truth. Only the Truth shall be the Authority in coming times, as sanctity of all authorities will be questioned. – Sadhguru

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