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Life is a beautiful gift of god for us, we should live our life very happily and gratefully. I know you care about your life that’s why you are here to find status about life. Here we have a collection of selected life status.

Life is a one time offer, spread love, kindness, and happiness to this world and be grateful for everything in your life.

Status About Life

1.Life is struggle.

2. Life is a game from which no one can withdraw in a moment taking their profits.

3. Isn’t life a hundred times too short to bore us?

4. The best thing that nature has given to man is the brevity of his life.

5. Break the rules to live happy.

6.Do not take life too seriously; you will never leave you alive from it.

7. Man does not possess the power to create life. Therefore, it does not have the right to destroy it either.

8. I slept and dreamed that life was beautiful; I woke up and realized that life was a duty.

9. The living is the weirdest thing in the world because most people do nothing but exist

10. Living fully produces an infinite fatigue, but very rewarding

11. When we feel the desire to fly then why do we satisfy ourselves in crawling?

12. We must live and work, in each moment, as if we had eternity before us

13. People does not live on anything other than religion or illusions

14. There are the relationships with people that give meaning to life

15. For most of us, true life is the life we don’t live.

16. Life is a transit; the world is a showroom; the man enters it, looks and goes out.

17. Oh, how untimely it is to start living when you have to stop living

18. Life requires every individual contribution and it is up to the individual to discover what it is

19. The best thing that nature has given to man is the brevity of his life

20. If man has not discovered anything to die for, he is not worth living

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21. Life is a pretty good work, except the third act, DEATH.

22. Life is a business in which you do not get a profit that is not accompanied by a loss.

23. There is much to know, and living is little, and you do not live if you do not know.

24. Life is like a story told by an idiot; a story full of verbiage and frenzy, which does not make any sense.

25. I am not to blame for life being nourished by virtue and sin, beauty and ugliness.

26. Life is a game of terrible odds; If it were a bet you would not intervene in it.

27. Life would be intolerable if death were not worse.

28. Life is a kind of game of chance, where everyone thinks that the next one knows what is happening.

29. The art of living is sacrificing a low passion to a higher one.

30. I have dedicated myself to investigate life and I do not know why or why it exists.

31. Life is traffic where losses and profits are balanced.

32. It is often fatal to live too long.

33. Think that each day may be the last.

34. Life is nothing more than a fabric of habits.

35.Life has been given to us, but it has not been given to us.

36. The characteristic of current life is not insecurity and cruelty, but restlessness and poverty.

37. Life is just a bad quarter of an hour formed by exquisite moments.

38. The best thing is to live life as a party, neither thirsty nor drunk.

39. We cannot tear a page out of the book of our life, but we can throw the whole book into the fire.

Life Is Two Steps Forward And One Back.

Life is not meaning; Life is desire.

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