Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

Many people are not living the life they want. They think that their destiny is not in their hands. You are one of them? If so, have you tried to find out the reason for this? Try asking yourself, why are not you living the life of your dreams? I am sure you will find the reason because, we are the creator of our destiny, and here you will find inspiring destiny quotes to motivate you.

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Destiny Quotes Saying

1. What defines your destiny is not your conditions but your decisions.

2. Fate decides who enters my life, but I’m the one who decides who gets.

3. There is always an excerpt from the trip that is made alone.

4. It’s really beautiful when it all happens by chance. No date, no schedule, just coincidences, or destiny.

5. Destiny is shaped by the force of thought, always think positive.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

6. Beware of fate, it plays with people.

7. Never underestimate the capacity of the ironies of fate.

8. What we do not face in ourselves we will end up finding as destiny.

9. Destiny does not matter; follow your heart and build your own path!

10. There is no uncertain destination for those who know what path to take.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

11. Know that your destiny is traced by your own thoughts and not by some force that comes from outside.

12. Fate gives us the brothers, but the heart chooses our friends.

13. God’s ways may be mysterious, but the fate to which they lead will make it all worthwhile.

14. When sailing without destination, no wind is favorable.

15. Destiny is a matter of choice.

16. Every life makes its destiny.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

17. For each step there is a destiny, but only love chooses its ideal.

18. Who interferes in the destiny of others, will never discover themselves.

19. Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.

20. Our destiny is defined according to our merits.

21. Narrow rope separates chance from destiny

22. The destination always takes its part and does not withdraw until it obtains what corresponds to it

23. Few manage to be masters of their destiny …

24. We are the owners of our destiny- Mahatma Gandhi

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

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25. You must look for your destiny, it does not come alone

26. Find yourself a destination soon because you will never know when you will reach the destination of death

27. Destiny: Connotative word for superstitious and a word to be forged for rationalists. The choice is yours…

28. Destiny we create it with every step we take

29. Hold on to dreams, because if they die, life becomes a bird with its broken wings that stops flying

30. Fate is not going to come by magic. If we want something, we have to go out for it.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

31. You may be lucky to have been born in a privileged place, but your destiny is influenced by what you do.

32. Actually, fate is not written, you can write it yourself.

33. You are the owner of your own destiny

34. You can not become anyone without having a bad time

35. Negative experiences mark us, but they can be great learning.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

36. The purpose of every human being is to fight for their own destiny and follow their own path.

37. What counts are the moments in which we feel happiness. That is the best destination.

38. Man must choose, not accept our destiny

39. Life is not a path of roses. There are hard moments and delicate moments.

40. Each person is different and has different motivations and behaves uniquely. That is what makes our future different.

41. Fate must be fought. One must do his part to achieve what he wants.

42. Fate is not something that is predetermined, it must be created.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

43. We do not live eternally, so we must do everything on our part to achieve what we want.

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44. You always have to take risks. That is our destiny

45. To get out of the comfort zone, you have to fight against adversity.

46. Fate is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not something that should be expected, it is something that must be achieved.

47. Fate is determined by the decisions we make.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

48. Everything that everĀ existed, exists, or will exist will be destroyed. We have been created to be destroyed.

49. It is impossible not to make mistakes in life. But learning from them is an opportunity to grow.

50. It is impossible not to make mistakes in life. But learning from them is an opportunity to grow.

51. The hard experiences of life are what make us grow and what makes us change.

52. Our future depends to a large extent on what we do and the decisions we make.

53. Do not forget your history or your destiny.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

54. Fate is not something we should see but something we should create.

55. There is no point in contemplating what is happening around us. We have to go out and create our future.

56. Fate is a blank paper where one writes his own story.

57. To achieve great things in life, you have to think big. You have to dream.

58. There are those who believe that destiny rests on the knees of the gods, but the truth is that it works, as a burning challenge, on the consciences of men.

59. We are the ones who decide where to shoot. Nobody does it for us.

60. We will have the destiny that we have deserved.

Destiny Quotes And Saying For Tough Time [2019]

61. We have to live in the present, which is the only thing we can experience. The present is the destiny of now. 

62. Fate mixes the cards, and we play them.

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