30+ Bk Shivani Quotes And Thoughts For Inspiration In Life

bk shivani quotes

Bk Shivani is an Indian spiritual teacher and motivational speaker. She is also known as Brahmakumari Shivani. Here you will find our collection of Bk Sister Shivani Quotes about life and spirituality that will help you grow in your life and your spiritual journey.

Regarding how to make your life happy and peaceful, her speeches are very famous on social media and Indian television. She mostly talks about positive/negative energy and the law of attraction. She always says that our thoughts and words become our destiny so always think before think.

Bk Shivani Quotes

1. “As will be your state of mind, so will be your experience throughout the day.” – Bk Shivani

bk shivani quotes

2. “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.” – Bk Shivani

bk shivani quotes

3. “Time in which we are living today is a time of uncertainty and unpredictability.” – Bk Shivani

sister shivani quotes

4. “Life is a beautiful experience of sharing, caring, and cooperating with others.” – Bk Shivani

sister shivani quotes

5. “Life is all about what you are creating, radiating, experiencing, and carrying forward.” – Bk Shivani

bk shivani quotes on life

6. “If you start taking care of yourself your life will be a beautiful experience.” – Bk Shivani

bk shivani quotes on life

7. “It is not that life is a rollercoaster. Situation coming in life are a rollercoaster.” – Bk Shivani

bk shivani thought of the day

8. “Whatever we give to others, it comes back to us. If we give a prayer to someone, then the prayer will come back.” – Bk Shivani

bk shivani quotes in english

9. “Your happiness is the biggest punishment for your enemy.” – Bk Shivani

bk shivani quotes on happiness

10. “A good person always sees the good of others.” – Bk Shivani

sister shivani thoughts

Bk Shivani Thoughts

11. “To become a good person, work as hard as you do in order to look beautiful.” – Bk Shivani

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12. “Truth does not need to be proved. Truth has the power to reveal itself.” – Bk Shivani

13. “How people think of You is Influenced. By how you think about Yourself.” – Bk Shivani

14. “Even if everyone is nice to us, we can never be happy, if our mind does not speak nicely to us.” – Bk Shivani

15. “The experience of our life is gets created here not there.” – Bk Shivani

16. “If you have the ability to turn bad situations into good ones, then you are lucky.” – Bk Shivani

17. “Anger and anxiety make you tired most.” – Bk Shivani

18. “The smiling face is never out of fashion, so always keep smiling.” – Bk Shivani

19. “If your thinking is high and positive, then everyone will respect you.” – Bk Shivani

 20. “Nobody Can Wipe Out Anybody’s Grief, But Everyone Can Erase Their Grief.” – Bk Shivani

21. “There should be no such thing in our mind that makes us sad.” – Bk Shivani

22. “Make only those thoughts in mind that you want to see happen, the thoughts are seeds and events are its fruits.” – Bk Shivani

23. “God does not give us all that we like, God gives us everything that is good for us.” – Bk Shivani

24. “Do not take revenge but change yourself.” – Bk Shivani

25. “At the time when we are insulting someone, we are losing our respect.” – Bk Shivani

26. “When you are unable to speak your mind clearly, you become angry.” – Bk Shivani

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27. “Where there is pride, there is a feeling of insult.” – Bk Shivani

28. “Becoming a good person in your eyes is better than to be good in other’s eyes.” – Bk Shivani

29. “If you control it then your mind is your best friend, but if it controls you then it is your biggest enemy.” – Bk Shivani

30. “The mistake happens only when God is forgotten.” – Bk Shivani

31. “ Learn the wisdom of compromise. it’s better to bend a little, rather than break relations forever. ” – Bk Shivani

Bk Shivani Thoughts on Being Stable In Difficult Situations

Life is not a series of situations and scenes which comes to us. Life is our inner state of being, based on which we respond to every scene. The quality of our response creates our experience and that becomes the quality of our life.

For the same series of situations, same challenges and obstacles, different people will respond in a different manner. For the person who creates stress, anger and fear, life will be a burden. For those who crosses it with ease, acceptance and love, life will be a beautiful journey.

The more we blame people and situations for how we feel, the more we will cross every scene unaware of our responsibility. When we take personal responsibility for our state of being, attention will be only on what we create, irrespective of situation. If we are calm and stable on the journey of our life, our vibrations give co-operation and support to others around us to make their life a beautiful experience. Our vibrations help them to emerge their divinity in response to situation.

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  1. She is Pure Sure. Love listening to her speeches on youtube and also on tv channel and mostly in her every quote i can relate to my life.

    thanks for sharing these quotes.


    This is shamsa saleem ,from Pakistan ,i used to be whose soul was damaged due to situation happened in my life ,i was devastated being now have been beautiful soul i came across your u tube channel that transformed me spiritually,mentally and above all emotionally secondly,your speech teaches us how to use power of supreme being in any situation to create right thought and implement in life .that leads to the get abundance in all areas of life.THANKS

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