Law Of Attraction Quotes To Have Faith

law of attraction quotes

Law Of Attraction Quotes: When there was nothing when the man roamed naked, someone imagined the garment to cover his body and today we live in a decent world. This is proof that imagination has the power to transform your thoughts into reality.

The following quotes describes the law of attraction as it has been understood by others over the year and can provide us with the encouragement and comfort we need to believe that the destiny of our lives rests in our own hands.

Law of Attraction Quotes

1. You only get what you want in your life.

2. The people you are surrounded affect your thoughts, and your thoughts affect your destiny.

3. What you seed in your conscious will grow in your subconscious.

4. Everything in this world is connected, you do not attract anything, you just awake the connection with whatever you want.

5. Life becomes much happier when you start manifesting consciously.

6. You can’t change the universal law, so you can’t deny the law of attraction.

7. Your vibration creates your world, make sure to vibrate positively.

8. If you think that you can do anything and if you think that you cannot do anything then you are right in both the cases.

9. You didn’t get what you want, you get what you imagine.

10. Everyone has supernatural power called imagination.

11. You take action according to your thoughts and get results accordingly.

12. Prospects and accidents, you attract yourself.

13. You are getting what you wanted, and you will get what you want.

14. Every time we are attracting something, so be conscious about what you are attracting.

15. Every religion is based on the law of attraction, but not every religious person knows about it.

16. Make your world in your mind, visualize it with all your emotions, believe in it and get it.

17. Feel your desire, to get it into reality.

18. Everything that we use is the result of someone’s imagination.

19. Fuel your mind with positive thoughts to live a positive and fun life.

20. Optimism is the key to manifest your desire.

21. You are the part of this universe; this universe will fulfil your desire.S

Law Of Attraction Quotes To Build Trust

22. Your life becomes magical when you start believing your thoughts.

23. Do not spend your life on autopilot, while you have complete control over it.

24. Your lifestyle reflects your thoughts.

25. You can have, do, be or what you want.

26. It is what you think. Everything you think you attract.

27. When you replace your doubts with faith, you start manifesting your desire into reality.

28. Match your vibration to your desire and magic will begin.

29. You cannot get, what you cannot think.

30. This is the thought that makes a difference.

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