Inspirational Quotes About Imagination On Life

quotes about imagination

Imagination is like a gift for a human being, whatever thing you can imagine, can bring that thing to your physical life too. I hope these quotes about imagination will help you increase your imagination and give your life a new direction.

Quotes About Imagination

1. You have the biggest magical power within yourself, It’s called imagination.

2. Infinity begins with imagination. Open your door of imagination to connect with the whole new world.

3. The more you can imagine, the more you can be creative.

4. If you never feel lonely, there is a world of imagination within yourself which is even better than your reality.

5. It is a game of emotions, whether it is reality or imagination.

6. Don’t just imagine, feel too.

7. The world you see is finite, but the world you imagine is infinite.

8. Your imagination has the power to change your reality.

9. Your imagination is like raw material for your reality.

10. The world in which we live is the result of imagination. Everything is imagined before coming into reality.

11. Those who understand the power of imagination are not afraid of reality.

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