Spiritual Awakening Quotes On Life (Best Of 2020)

spiritual awakening quotes

When people live in the world, they make choices and decisions, and they encounter doubts, difficulties, and setbacks. All of them need the support of strength. Among all the forces, the most indispensable one is the inner strength, that is, the awakening. This is why you are here to find some spiritual awakening quotes.

Awakening is the power that everyone can develop and possess, and it is also the most fundamental and important force in life. Those external forces, such as those from society and friends, can only have a temporary surface effect if they do not have the inner strength to cooperate. Those external forces, such as the power, money, fame, and status you have gained, may make you live, but only the inner strength can make you live meaningfully.

Spiritual awakening quotes on life:

1. Never make desires a necessity, desires are endless.

2. Knowing yourself is even more difficult than knowing the world.

3. The big man is one who does not let the person sitting nearby feel less.

4. There is no match for the power of that person, who also has stamina with strength.

5. Satisfaction is the biggest wealth, the one who has satisfaction is healthy, happy and that is the richest one.

6. Silence is exercitation and thinking is an art.

If there is faith, there is always a way.

7. Start with where you are, use whatever you have, and do what you can.

8. Conflict is the law of nature, the one who accepts it goes ahead.

9. Being ignorant is not a shame, but it is a matter of shame to not want to learn.

10. Hell has three gates: lust, anger, greed

11. Before looking at a good time, you have to fight with bad times.

12. We can never find peace in the outer world, as long as we are not quite from the inside.

13. You can not change your future, but you can change your habits and of course, your habits will change your future.

14. There is no problem in the world which is more powerful than the power of your mind.

15. The solution to our problem is only with us, others have just suggestions.

16. Don’t lose yourself in front of anything. Even it is dogma. | Even it is the eyes of others. |Even if it is love.

17. The period of hard work called youth.

18. Honesty is the noblest thing that one can maintain.

19. Sincerity is the highest virtue in life.

More Spiritual Quotes:

20. Loyalty requires complete truth.

21. Sincerity is the opening of the soul.

22. The fear in our heart is always greater than real danger.

23. There is no rehearsal in life, every day is a live broadcast.

24. Having a dream is just an intelligence, and realizing a dream is an ability.

25. Break you psychological barriers in order to surpass yourself.

26. The ideal path is always prepared for those who are confident.

27. You can’t control a lot of things, but you can control yourself.

28. Hold the greatest hope for best effort and do the worst.

29. Escaping can’t solve the problem; face the reality.

31. Go slow but never get back.

32. Giving love is an education in itself.

33. Do not look at what has happened, look at what can be done.

34. Self-esteem comes with self-sufficiency.

35. Look at the circumstances from others’ perspective, and you will never have a misunderstanding.

36. Those who do not control their mind, this is an enemy to them.

37. External nature is only a great form of inner nature.

38. Unnatural actions create a lot of stress.

39. Only the mind is someone’s friend or enemy.

spiritual awakening quotes
spiritual awakening quotes
spiritual awakening quotes
spiritual awakening quotes
spiritual awakening quotes

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