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good person quotes

Looking for quotes about being a good person? Look no further! In this article, I’ve compiled a list of powerful and thought-provoking quotes from famous philosophers, leaders, and thinkers on what it means to be a good person.

From words of wisdom on empathy and kindness to insights on ethics and morality, these quotes will inspire you to Be A Good Person and bring more goodness and positive changes in your life.

Be a good person, it is easier than pretending to be a good person.

– Nitin Namdeo
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Quotes On Being A Good Person

1. “Be the kind of person who not only pretends to be good but is also a really good person.” – Nitin Namdeo

good people quotes

2. “Those who are really good do not give up their goodness because of bad people.” – Nitin Namdeo

be a good person quotes

3. “A good person always seeks good in others.” – Nitin Namdeo

be a good person quotes

4. “How good a person you are depends only on how much compassion and sympathy you have in your heart for others.” – Nitin Namdeo

good people quotes

5. “Being a good person in life is a pleasant experience in itself.” – Nitin Namdeo

be a good person quotes

6. “Your behavior reflects your character, always treat people well.” – Nitin Namdeo

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7. “Becoming a good person is nothing more than changing your perspective.” – Nitin Namdeo

quotes about being a good person

8. “Your good deeds will always lead you to the good life.” – Nitin Namdeo

good people quotes

9. “Those who are helpful to people, god is helpful to them.” – Nitin Namdeo

quotes about good people

10. “To be a good person you just need to focus on goodness and positivity.” – Nitin Namdeo

be a good person quotes

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Inspirational Good Person Quotes

11. “It is possible to be a bad person without anyone else knowing.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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12. “There is zero chance of being a good person without doing good for others.” – Mehmet Murat ildan

13. “Goodness is a bright flame within you. Use it to light up the world.” – Frank Sonnenberg

14. “If everyone were a good person, it’d obviously be a better world.” – Aaron Paul

15. “Never regret being a good person, to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says enough about them.” – Marc & Angel

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16. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

17. “Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.” – Kevin Heath

18. “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

19. “Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius

20. “Inspire yourself to be great. Being good isn’t good enough.” – Gurbaksh Chahal

Quotes About Becoming A Better Person

21. “Be a good person, it is easier than pretending to be a good person.” – Nitin Namdeo

22. “Be good, do good, have good.” – Nitin Namdeo

23. “Blessings come in unexpected ways in the lives of those who help others and treat them well.” – Nitin Namdeo

24. “You cannot be good in everyone’s eyes and you should not even care about it.” – Nitin Namdeo

25. “It is not necessary that a person who says “yes” is good and another who says “no” is bad.” – Nitin Namdeo

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26. “There is no shortage of good people in the world, but the number of bad people has increased slightly.” – Nitin Namdeo

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Good People Quotes

27. “When you do good to others, you also inspire others to do so.” – Nitin Namdeo

28. “Teach your children the lesson of goodness and tomorrow will obviously be a better tomorrow.” – Nitin Namdeo

29. “To be a good person requires a positive mindset and good intentions.” – Nitin Namdeo

30. “A good person has no religion, he is simply a good person who treats everyone well.” – Nitin Namdeo

31. “If you are a good person you don’t need to be perfect, just be good.” – Nitin Namdeo

32. “Being a good person is very attractive, no one can ignore you.” – Nitin Namdeo

33. “You do not have to follow any religion or scripture, you just have to be good towards yourself and others. That’s it.” – Nitin Namdeo

34. “Remember, no matter how adverse the circumstances are or how many enemies are there, no one can erase your good deeds.” – Nitin Namdeo

35. “How can you expect to look good while treating others badly?” – Nitin Namdeo

36. “Be such a good person that even bad people get influenced by you.” – Nitin Namdeo

37. “It is very easy to be a good person if you are willing to leave all the nonsense behind.” – Nitin Namdeo

38. “You can turn a bad person into a good person if you ignore his evil and praise his good.” – Nitin Namdeo

39. “You cannot be a good person unless you have compassion in your heart.” – Nitin Namdeo

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40. “If you are a really good person then you will not focus on proving your goodness.” – Nitin Namdeo

41. “Your goodness also inspires others to be a good person. Make sure you are always good to others.” – Nitin Namdeo

42. “Instead of looking for a good person, be a good person yourself and good people will start getting attracted to you.” – Nitin Namdeo

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Quotes About Good People

43. “People who are kind and treat others well are respected everywhere.” – Nitin Namdeo

44. “The biggest advantage of being a good person is that you will never regret anything in life.” – Nitin Namdeo

45. “Becoming a good person is always a choice, you can choose it everywhere no matter the circumstances.” – Nitin Namdeo

46. “No matter how good you are, you can always be more good.” – Nitin Namdeo

47. “Being a good person means aligning yourself to a lifelong peace and joy.” – Nitin Namdeo

48. “A good person never thinks bad even for his enemy.” – Nitin Namdeo

49. “No matter what profession you are in, if you are not a good person then you will not get the glory.” – Nitin Namdeo

50. “A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world: everyone you meet is your mirror.” – Ken Keyes Jr.

51. “Most good people are not good people every day all day long.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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