Quotes About Light To Brighten Your World

quotes about light

Life can only be ignited with the light of knowledge. Whenever you face the darkness in life, know that you need more knowledge. Read the best quotes about light in your life to shine in your world.

Quotes About Light

1. The light you are following is within you, turn your direction inward to know the truth.

2. The darkness of life can only be eradicated by the light of knowledge.

3. Be the light you are searching for and then you’ll no longer need to follow the light.

4. No light is brighter than the light of knowledge and self-confidence.

5. The light and influence of a king is only in his kingdom, but the light and influence of a wise person is in the whole world.

6. The light in your eyes influences more than your words.

7. Remember, when it is dark everywhere, there is always a light of hope within you.

8. To let the light come in, your mind should be open.

9. Use your light to brighten the world while everyone is using the light of others to brighten their world.

10. Go high so everyone can see the light that burns inside you.

11. You can’t find your light without going into darkness.

12. The darkness in your life gives you the opportunity to show your light.

13. No matter how dark it gets, never let the light inside you extinguish.

14. The light is always there, but you lost your way.

15. Always talk in such a way that a light shines in people’s hearts.

16. Those who illuminate the lives of other people are no less than a star.

17. Those whose heart is filled with love and compassion, they illuminate the lives of others along with themselves.

18. In this world of darkness, be the light everyone is searching for.

19. No dark, No light.

20. Do not let the darkness of your past dominate the light of the future.

Finding Your Inner Light

21. You can’t shine without the light in your heart.

22. If you are optimistic you will find the light even in the deepest darkness.

23. Your enthusiasm towards your work reflects the light inside you.

24. When you lose your enthusiasm, you lose your light.

25. Life is about enhancing your inner light to know life better.

26. If you are afraid of darkness, you can never find the source of infinite light hidden inside you.

27. There is no existence of light without darkness.

28. To enlighten the life of others one must find the light of the inner self.

29. Only the wise person can see the light of conscience.

30. if you want to live a peaceful life, follow your inner light.

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