Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Soul, Spirituality, And Happiness

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Jaggi Vasudev (sadhguru) is an Indian yogi, author, and mystic. Sadhguru founded Isha Foundation, and through this organization, yoga programs are offering all over the world, it is a non-profit organization. Enjoy these best Sadhguru Quotes on life and happiness.

Inspiring Sadhguru Quotes

‘I do not know’ is an immense possibility. Only when you realize ‘I do not know,’ the longing, the seeking, and the possibility of knowing arise. – Sadhguru

A ball can change the world. It’s not about the ball nor kicking nor the cup. It’s sheer intensity of involvement. Knowing this in life is yoga. – Sadhguru

A child is closer to life than you are. When a child comes into your life, it is time to relearn life, not teach them your ways. – Sadhguru

A consecrated space experientially reminds you that there is much more to life than you think. – Sadhguru

A Guru is a friend who constantly tramples your ego. It’s a very delicate operation. – Sadhguru

A large percentage of what is happening in the mind is just mental diarrhea – running compulsively, all the time. – Sadhguru

 A mundane life goes from womb to tomb. A life of awareness leads to liberation from the very process of Life and Death. – Sadhguru

 A nation that does not honour the sacrifices of its heroes is an ungrateful nation. We cannot reclaim the lost lives but in this recognition there is fulfilment for the bereaved. National pride, an essential ingredient in making of a great nation. -Sg #NationalWarMemorial

A rat race is for rats. As a human being, you can consciously create what you want, without being driven by social compulsions. – Sadhguru  A Seeker of Truth shall never know the comfort of conclusions. Only Intensity and Seeking. – Sadhguru

 A situation becomes stressful only when you compulsively react to it. – Sadhguru

A society that fails to treat the Girl-Child as an honored privilege will fail to blossom. There is no complete picture of Humanity without equal opportunities and participation. – Sadhguru

Adiyogi is a symbol, a possibility, and a source of tools to transform yourself and create your own Destiny. – Sadhguru

All beliefs will crash somewhere. Only reality will sustain itself. – Sadhguru

All ecological problems are rooted in irresponsible growth of human population. – Sadhguru

All that moves will exhaust itself. Only that which is still, is for always. Meditation is essentially to move towards that stillness, to become like the core of existence. – Sadhguru

All through life, your physical body will age. But your energy body need not age – you can keep it like it was just born. – Sadhguru

Always see what best you can do for everyone around you. It is this sense of offering that will make you shine. – Sadhguru

An intelligent person knows that he is a fool but a fool does not know that he is a fool. – Sadhguru

An intention will not make things happen. It will only set the direction. You still have to make the journey. – Sadhguru

Anger is not action – it is reaction. A state of reaction is a state of enslavement. – Sadhguru

Anyone who does sadhana intensely will see, slowly, as the energies move upward, the identification with the body recedes. – Sadhguru

Anything you do joyfully is always effortless. – Sadhguru

Anyway, life makes you do all kinds of circus, juggling, and acrobatics. If you are well prepared, you can do it joyfully. – Sadhguru

Are you creating poison within you or the fragrance of the Divine? This is a choice. – Sadhguru

As long as you are a part of the physical process of existence, every moment is change. Looking for stability and security is futile. – Sadhguru

As such, there is no right decision in life. If you make a decision and put your everything into it, it will turn out wonderfully. – Sadhguru

As there is a technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology to create inner wellbeing. – Sadhguru

As we have responsibilities towards the living, we have responsibilities towards the dead. Within a limited period of time after Death, there is room for impacting the Dead. – Sadhguru

Atheists and theists are the same kind of people, pretending to be different. Both of them believe something they do not know. – Sadhguru

Beauty is not a question of shapes and forms. It is a question of what you exude. – Sadhguru

Become like the earth, like the tree – simply life. If you are simply life, your human consciousness will naturally find expression. – Sadhguru

Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible. – Sadhguru

Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible. – Sadhguru

Being attached to someone is not about the other person. It is about your own sense of inadequacy.- Sadhguru

Being human means an ability to transcend the so-called laws of nature and make something happen that is larger than us. – Sadhguru

Being in touch with the earth is a reminder that your body is just that – earth. Never forget this. – Sadhguru

Being on the spiritual path means understanding that the source of your trouble and the source of your wellbeing are within you. – Sadhguru

Belief is of social significance, to some extent of psychological significance – but existentially, it means nothing. – Sadhguru

Belief leads people to accept the most ridiculous things as the absolute truth. – Sadhguru

Belief offers solace. The search for truth offers the solution. – Sadhguru

Birth and death are just passages, not of life but of time. – Sadhguru

By injecting life energy, you can make a physical form into a divine force. That is the science of creating deities and yantras. – Sadhguru

Call it stress, tension, anxiety, depression – essentially, it is just this: your intelligence has turned against you. – Sadhguru

Children don’t listen to you. They observe you. – Sadhguru

Children need not fit into caste, creed, or class. They have to blossom into their own nature. – Sadhguru

Compassion is not condescending kindness. It is a passionate engagement with everything around you. – Sadhguru

Compulsiveness is like darkness – you cannot fight with it. You have to turn on the light of consciousness. – Sadhguru

Confidence without clarity is always a disaster. – Sadhguru

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