58 Optimistic Quotes And Thoughts For Inspiration


Being an optimist does not mean being ignorant or naive. Through these quotes of optimism, you discover the incredible power of perceiving reality in a happier, more positive, and fuller way. Everything is optimism. Enjoy these inspiring optimistic thoughts and quotes on life. 

Best Optimistic Thoughts

1. Optimism itself is a success.

2. When you are young, seek for it. When you are old, you will be enriched. 

3. Behind the dark clouds, there is still a brilliant sunny day.

4. All harmony and balance, health and bodybuilding, success and happiness are caused by the upward psychology of optimism and hope.

5. Always use a positive and optimistic attitude to expand yourself and the world outside you.

6. It is not our ability to decide our life, but our choice.

7. Be positive, be optimistic, smile more and look in the mirror.

8. The road of fantasy is always prepared for those who have faith.

9. As long as you are still alive, good things will take care of you.

10. The person, who did it, is the person who believes it.

11. God gives an only happy ending. If you are not happy, it is not your final outcome.

12. Optimistic people only care about laughing and forgetting their grievances; pessimistic people only care about grievances and forget to laugh.

13. Face the past with least regrets; |face the present with least waste; face the future with the most dreams.

14. “Impossible” only exists in the stupid dictionary.

15. The light is not the patent of the sun, you can also shine.

16. Be optimistic! It is not the end of the world.

17. Goals and beliefs give people lasting motivation.

18. Belief is the spiritual pillar of the human being.

Optimistic Thoughts And Quotes

19. Look at the stones on which you stumble as steps to the stars.

20. The losers see storms, the winners see the rainbow. The losers see icy roads, the winners put on their ice skates!

21. Leaders dedicate 5% of their time to the problem and 95% of their time to the solution.

22. If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.

23. A door can be built on each wall.

24. Marking goals is the first step to convert the invisible into the possible.

25. Let’s be realistic and do the impossible.

The pessimists cannot change the world. Only those who believe in their potential, who perceive the good side of things, will gather enough courage to take action and believe in their potential. I will tell you my secret to free the mind from negative thoughts. When such a thought enters your mind, visualize it as if it were written on a piece of paper. Then you say goodbye mentally and visualize it as it burns to ashes. Negative thinking is destroyed, and it will not enter – Bruce Lee

26. An optimist is a person who asks for a dozen oysters in the hope of paying for them with the pearl that he will find in one of them.

27. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and trust.

28. A pessimist is one who creates difficulties from their opportunities. And an optimist is one who creates opportunities from their difficulties.

29. Positive thoughts give positive results (enthusiasm, calm, well-being, relaxation, energy, love). Negative thoughts produce negative results.

Optimistic Quotes To Start The Day

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds and becomes depressed. A philosopher sees both sides and mixes them. And the optimist does not even see the clouds … because he walks on them.

Go out to the countryside, to nature, to the sun. Try to find your luck inside of you. Think of all the beautiful things that grow in and around you and be happy. I think we should all study the ants. They have an amazing philosophy based on four pillars. Never give up, look forward, be positive and do everything you can.

30. The key to life and optimism is being foolish enough to believe that the best is yet to come.

31. Do not let yesterday take away much of today.

32. Optimism is a magnet of happiness.

33. Both the optimists and the pessimists contribute to our society. Optimists invent airplanes and pessimists invent parachutes.

34. Life is like a mathematical equation. To get the most out of it, you have to know how to turn negative into positive.

35. My knowledge is pessimistic. But my will and my hope are optimistic.

36. A positive attitude may not solve your problems. But it will irritate enough people to justify the effort.

37. Do not look if the glass is half full or half empty. Look how much light is in the glass.

38. It’s not about how many times they throw you. It’s about how many you get up.

39. In optimism there is magic. There is nothing in pessimism.

40. Count the flowers in your garden and never the falling leaves.

41. Everything will be fine at the end. If not, then it is not the end.

42. A strong and positive mental attitude produces more miracles than any powerful drug.

Optimistic Quotes

43. Thoughts become things. So choose them well.

44. The optimist believes in others. The pessimist only believes in himself.

45. Positive energy is attracted by positive energy.

46. I get the best of everything that comes and the least of everything that goes.

47. It is better to be optimistic and wrong than to be pessimistic and to be right.

48. Always look at the positive side of life. Otherwise, it will be too dark to contemplate.

49. The optimist sees opportunities in every danger. The pessimist sees danger at every opportunity.

50. It is not the weight that destroys you, but the way in which you burden it.

51. Optimists are nostalgic for the future.

52. Choose to be optimistic, you will feel better.

53. Being an optimist is an attitude towards life.

54. It takes so little time to see the positive side of life as to see negative.

55. The world is what we think it is.

56. Life starts every five minutes.

57. Good things happen every day. We just have to realize them.

58. Optimism is the folly of insisting that everything is fine when everything goes wrong.

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