Quick Meditation Exercises To Reduce Stress

quick meditation exercises

Many people are joining the “meditation” classes. Meditation originated in ancient Buddhism, and many companies are now recognizing the benefits that quick meditation exercises bring to the body and mind.

Importance of meditation

Recent research has shown that daily meditation can reduce the production of stress hormone cortisone and reduce anxiety and fatigue. Therefore, trying to do some simple meditation exercises every day can help you achieve a balance between life and work. You don’t need any special tools to complete these exercises, you can even try these exercises on the way to or from work or at your desk.

Here are five quick meditation exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

1. One minute meditation exercise

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Focus on the ups and downs of your chest and don’t think about anything else. If there are distractions pouring into your mind, clear these distractions as you become aware, and then continue to focus on your breathing.

2. Meditation listening

In the conversation, thoughts are easy to drift away. When colleagues talk to you, don’t think about how to answer them, empty your thoughts, and listen carefully to what your colleagues are saying. Try not to consider your to-do list, your evening plan or the conversation in the past – simply live in the moment. Not only does this help you get more information from the conversation, it also helps improve your relationships in the workplace.

3. Observation game

Choose an object around you (such as a pencil, your computer or mouse, or even your tie) and focus on the object for a minute. Pretend that you are seeing this object for the first time. Carefully observe the shape, texture, and manufacturing process of the object. This can help you clear your thoughts and help you re-recognize some small things around you.

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4. Feel the moment

Choose an item you’ve been using – such as the one in the office kitchen – and use it as a focus for your meditation in a minute. Imagine what it feels like, how it works, and why you use it. For example, think about how amazing it is to heat the water to boiling in just a few minutes. Think about the fact that you can drink clean and clear water at any time, and you can switch on the kettle at any time. Lucky thing.

5. Relax in nature (best meditation exercise)

You need to leave the desk briefly for a while in this exercise – but it is definitely worth it. Taking time to buy coffee or lunch, go for a walk in the nearby park. If you can, leave your cell phone and other electronic devices in the office and listen carefully to the sounds of nature around you. This is an exercise that is very helpful to your body and mind. Not only did you exercise your body from walking, but you also breathed fresh air outside.

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