5 Aspects To Help You Start An Efficient Life

5 aspects to help you start an efficient life

Some time ago, a small partner asked: “What is your ideal life?”

I replied that I hope it is a streamlined, efficient, and orderly state, and that I have such a heart to live with.

It sounds like it’s still abstract, so let’s talk about the “efficient life” I want to talk about in detail today.

1. The Environment – Well Organized

Whether it is at home or in the office environment, it actually reflects our inner state to some extent. The key to determining whether life is efficient is your control over the environment.

Imagine how you can concentrate and do things efficiently in an environment full of debris and dust.

Some surveys show that people spend a lot of time each year looking for things. If you can reasonably classify the items you own and know their location clearly, will efficiency increase a lot?

2. Information – Simple And High Quality

In the era of mobile internet, we are surrounded by vast amounts of information every day. Because of the lack of safe boundaries in our hearts, hoarding information has become one of the ways we gain a sense of security.

In the past few years, the rise of knowledge has become more and more lost in the anxiety of knowledge. What are the sources of information on mobile phones, computers, and on the Internet?

If we can have a choice of the information we need, and effectively use a small amount of good information, can we also reduce the lack of attention brought about by information pressure?

3. Time – Reasonable And Efficient

Everyone has the same amount of time every day, but why is the value produced differently? It is because we use time differently.

How to use time, in fact, is reflected in the difference in our values, the use of prime time in important things, it is possible to create higher value.

So, if we can reasonably allocate our own time, can we find the good things that we missed in our lives because we have no time?

4. The Body – Full  Of  Energy

As I grew older, I became more and more aware of the importance of the phrase 

the body is the capital of the revolution

Many times, although we want to do it, there are too many things because there is no state, no mood, no energy to complete.

If we can allocate our energy reasonably according to the individual’s energy curve, is it important that the chances of being completed will increase a lot?

5. The Heart – Easy

When we are faced with a well-organized environment, simple and high-quality information, reasonably and effectively allocating our own time, and energetically dealing with things we like, is the whole person refreshed a lot?

At this time, our hearts will become more peaceful, not be dominated by outsiders, things, knowing what they really want and what they need.

Get rid of suffering and find the true self, this is the “efficient life” I want.

To Sum Up:

The problems in life are complex and diverse, and the improvement of a single dimension is not enough to solve the problems encountered. Sometimes it’s like playing a hamster. You just pressed this and found another one.

Therefore, we need to adjust the above five aspects at the same time. It is a long-term optimization process. In the process of continuous circulation, we will slowly discover and understand ourselves, and finally let life become what we want.

Efficient life is a way we can choose

What is your ideal life like? Welcome to share your message. 

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