Best Quote Apps to Consider in 2022

best quote app for android and ios

All of us need motivational phrases, words of encouragement, and interesting statements that allow us to see our lives from a different perspective. It is possible to gain a new perspective on what is happening to you by adopting an unfamiliar viewpoint, one that can help you to understand and evaluate what is happening in a different way. You might even be able to understand yourself. However, they are not always readily available to everyone at the right time. Whatever the reason, you can use those words of power at any moment to accomplish a lot. 

The fascinating aspect of an individual’s life is his or her quotations. Staying motivated and embracing your profession will be easier with their help. Whether you are looking for the best quote apps for iOS or you do not have a collection of unique and latest quotations to make your day more interesting, you have come to the right place. We have gathered for you the best quote apps for Android and iOS. 

Just make sure that your internet is reliable so that you get daily quotes to get inspired and do wonders. Try a good ISP like Spectrum that does not come with any data caps so you get unlimited internet.

Below are some of the apps you have to install immediately. 

Best Quotes and Status

It works offline and is ideal for anyone looking to collect a lot of quotes. There are plenty of categories in the app, like anger, birthday, love, and breakup (yes, there is an entire category dedicated to it). With a single tap, you can save, copy, and share quotes as text or as an image directly to social media.

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Plain text is displayed by default. A gradient background, a picture, or solid color is available when you tap on the quotes. In your Liked Quotes section, you can bookmark your favorite quotes. Alternatively, you can purchase an ad-free version that removes the watermark from the images for $1. It is a great app for basic usage, but we wish it provided daily quotes as a widget on the home page.

Daily Quotes

Motivate yourself to live a healthier lifestyle! Motivate yourself to improve your life by using this app. A strong, productive approach to keep oneself going during tough times is to encourage oneself with this best quote app. In pursuit of newer goals and dreams, as well as to stay motivated.

Motivate yourself to achieve your goals and lead your best life with everyday quotations. Using the motivation app, you can also create and share happy phrases. You can find motivational quotes, along with inspiring phrases to keep you going every day, in this inspirational quotes widget app.

It is a great app. A lot of themes are available, so it helps. 

Lessons in Life Quotes

Choosing the best Life Lessons Quotes will help you discover more insight into what life is all about. These apps are just what you need when you are soul-searching, they have the perfect phrases, and they are life-changing quotes that will inspire you. By discovering valuable life lessons through quotes, we become smarter every day.

To get motivated today, explore this app’s numerous inspirational and motivational life quotes! There are many inspirational quotes about life lessons for you to choose from. You can count on them whenever you need motivation or encouragement. You can download and use this app offline for free.

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The phrase wallpapers are now available in several different variations. There is no need for an internet connection to use it, which is a nice feature. Many topics are covered in the quotations. We recommend testing this app if you spend a lot of time on your phone.

There is only one major problem with this app. The menu displays advertisements every time you exit the quotation menu after reading it. The advertisements appear again when you open a quote. Overall, it is a great app, despite that little annoyance.


There are a lot of quotes in the Quotee app, which is a new quote app for Android phones. In terms of its simple interface, it excels. You can browse through categories or search by keyword or type. As well as downloading the quote to your gallery, sharing it or adding it to your favorites, you can add it to your favorites list.

Wrapping Up

It is important to stay motivated and inspired in these times of pandemic. These apps can certainly help you do that. We hope you enjoyed reading this post.

If you have other apps in mind, please let us know in the comments section. You can also drop your questions and concerns. 

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