3 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Goals


Do you want to achieve a goal, but you have no motivation to stick to it?
Everyone has a goal like this that they want to achieve.

No matter what your goal is, anyway, we have a variety of goals in our hearts that we want to achieve. But the reason for each failure may be the same: I have no motivation to stick to it.

Now let me talk about 3 easy steps to achieve your goals

1. Don’t rely on the so-called ‘power’

Because the so-called ‘power’ is actually very short-lived. Today you have the motivation to exercise, and tomorrow may not be there. Working towards the goal is sometimes not a very happy thing, so sometimes you will want to give up. In fact, what you need is willpower, but willpower is like the muscle, it will be exhausted. You may have enough strong will to resist the temptation of junk food in the morning, but after a day of things, various choices, your willpower has been consumed almost. In the evening, you will no longer be able to resist, you can only choose to indulge.

If you want to protect your willpower, you can only avoid the temptations one after another. The good news is that like the muscle, as long as you use it intermittently, your willpower can be enhanced. If you force yourself to get up early every day or get up in the morning to take a cold shower, these will enhance your willpower.

2. Be aware of the things that are consumed by your willpower

Making choices in life is actually the biggest consumption of willpower. Whether your choice is for dinner at night or for future work. Whether these choices are big or small, these considerations are all about consuming your willpower. So for small things, avoid choice as much as possible. The next time you consider going to the A restaurant for dinner or the B restaurant, choose A and leave your willpower to something really important.

3. Adjust your environment

Adjust your environment, an environment that does not require willpower. When you want to go to the gym, the gym you choose can’t be too far away, it’s better to be near your home, not the gym that is 20 minutes away from home. When you want to learn, you can directly adjust your phone to flight mode, focus on learning, avoid friends’ invitations and meaningless news. It is best to find friends who share your interests and work together.

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