Learn To Be Grateful

Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest way to improve your satisfaction with life



Thank you, parents. Parents have raised us and want to give us all the life, so we must be grateful to our parents. Those who know how to be grateful to their parents will be filial and often have filial piety. As the saying goes, “Father loves the mountain, mother loves the sea”, the mountain is our strong backing, and the sea is the origin of our life. No matter how far we go, the place with parents is the real home, even if this family is sometimes called “hometown.” But one day, parents like mountains and seas will grow old and become a “child” who can’t help but feel that they need our care.
There are many forms of gratitude for parents. You can often go home to see, or you can live with your parents. You can also ask your parents to live in a place where we only have “a bowl of hot soup.” Grateful to parents is a traditional virtue and the best gift we give to our parents.



Those who have helped us are the noble people we met. They have a heart of love to help people be happy. Our gratitude is the best reward for them, even if sometimes our gratitude is just a simple “thank you.”



Those who have hurt us seem to be vicious, but as long as we really appreciate them and complain with morality, they will become our friends. Everyone has a seed of hate buried in his heart, and he also has a seed of love buried. Only with a wrap of love, the seeds of love can sprout and grow up, and gradually grow into towering trees, propping up a thick shade of green. Yes, a person, as long as he truly appreciates the person who has hurt himself, the seeds of love in his heart can sprout green and thrive, and he can feel the beauty of life, and his heart will become innocent.



Because of love, men and women who have never met each other have come together; because of love, everything is like a happy appearance; because of love, our hearts have only wavered. A person who has love will be much happy, and life will be more embarrassed by love. Grateful to love will make love sublimate, is to add more passion to love. Everyone has the right to love and be loved, but who has learned to be grateful for the love, his (her) love is deeper and the road to love is long.



The ideal of life is the goal we have been pursuing throughout our lives, and we will forge ahead. Although it takes a lot of us to achieve the ideal, we can’t give up and be grateful. Grateful ideals make our lives more energetic, and our lives become more exciting because of their ideals. Grateful ideals allow us to be happy and fulfilled, and life will not be remorseful because of inaction. Grateful for the ideal, the ideal flower can bloom the most beautiful.



We live in the embrace of nature, nature also provides us with sunshine, air, water, minerals… So nature is our best and closest friend, we must be grateful to it, not to seize it, destroy it. To be grateful to nature, we should start by saving every drop of water, driving less a day, and using less than one piece of paper. Nature is our common mother.
Of course, there are many, many things that we need to be grateful for. Grateful for kindness, grateful for setbacks, grateful for life, grateful for life, grateful for work… The road to life is full of unknowns, but as long as you are grateful, learn to be grateful, the road to life will become more beautiful and flatter.
Nowadays, people’s hearts seem to be getting colder and colder, and they are getting more and more greedy, but as long as we learn to be grateful, we will use words and deeds to touch the people around us, and then pass on the 10th and 100th to move more. People, then even the hard-hearted heart of the ice will be affected, and there will be a day when the ice and snow melt and the spring blossoms.

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