3 Suggestions To Better Yourself

By making yourself a little better every day you can make your life better.

Today, people do not have the time to make themselves better, perhaps they do not consider it so important and ignore it. But this is wrong

To give you a better life, you should try to make yourself better every day so that you can take your life to the next level. Whenever it is talked about improving yourself, people feel burdened, they think that it will be very painful but it is not so. You can improve yourself by adopting small habits

Below are 3 suggestions to better yourself, which you can use to give a new dimension to your life:

1. Read at least 30 minutes a day

3 Suggestions To Better Yourself

Remember what book you read last time? In this age of entertainment to death, reading seems to be outdated, and everyone is more concerned about the various wonderful news, entertainment headlines, and rarely have time to calm down and read a book.

As for why reading, my favorite is the writer CS Lewis’s explanation “We read to know that We are not alone”. This is the purpose of reading. No matter where you are, in which cultural background, reading can always give You comfort, give you a soul mate.

Reading is one of the most worthwhile investments. No matter how busy you are, make sure you have 30 minutes of reading every day. It’s best to have a book by your side, whether it’s a physical book or an e-book on your phone. When you are empty, you can read it so there won’t be a waste of time.

2. Stick to everyday writing

3 Suggestions To Better Yourself

Why do you insist on reading every day, but still can’t write a good article? Because reading and writing are two different things, reading is just a process of ‘inputting’ and writing is an ‘output’ process.

The greatest value of writing is to cultivate your self-control ability. When you start writing, your mind will not be in a state of confusion, but will slowly become more systematic and organized.

3. Jump out of the comfort zone

3 Suggestions To Better Yourself

The comfort zone in your heart is a state in which you will feel very comfortable and feel a sense of crisis. But if you want to succeed, you must constantly jump out of the comfort zone to accomplish your goals.

Imagine, at noon, you are studying for the preparation of your final exam, but suddenly a sleepy attack came, and there was a voice in your head saying, ‘Sleep, wake up memory will be better’. You obeyed, And when the day was over, you realized that you did not read anything

You have worked in a company for a long time, the salary is very general, and you have the courage to talk to your boss about salary increases. There is a voice in your head saying, ‘He is too busy now, and I will say it next week’. You listened, dragged on.

You have been single for many years, and suddenly you see a very beautiful girl on the street, in line with your feelings, you want to go up and talk, there is a voice in your head saying, ‘I am sick, people are so beautiful, there must be a boyfriend.’ You retreat again and miss the opportunity again.

These are very easy and effective habits to make yourself better…

You can set this wallpaper in your mobile to get started, it will act as a reminder for you.

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