Find Your Inner Strength Easily With These Steps

find your inner strength

If we have only been seeking outward, we have all our attention in the external world – never paying attention to our inner beings, nor to seeing the true self. Our internal and external will be out of balance, emptiness and Uneasy feelings will continue to swallow our hearts. This article will help you to find your inner strength

If you already feel tired, eager to change, eager to have true happiness and peace, eager to experience a more complete life. Now, I invite you, trust your instincts and feelings, open your heart and make a wonderful inner journey.

How To Find Your Inner Strength?

  • How to become a person who is both internal and external, and who is calm inside?
  • Or how to get back to your true self?
  • Or how to live a spiritual life?

Everyone has inner strength, and each person’s inner has innate divinity and wisdom, compassion, courage and love. Trust your feelings and intuition, open your heart, and make an inner and beautiful journey: discover and find the powerful sources of strength and great wealth we have!

1. Trust

Trust is the first lesson of our life journey: trusting ourselves, trusting the journey of the soul, believing in our inner strength, believing that we deserve to be loved, believing that life will lead us to experience the path of growth that suits us best, and believe that all events happen. There are reasons for it, and I believe that everything is the best arrangement. If at this moment, you are facing difficulties, then bravely going out of the predicament is your homework; if at this moment, you feel hurt, acceptance and love is the homework you have to face; if at this moment, you are confused, then clear insight is the homework you are going to do.

2. Surrender 

Surrender is not to accept the fate, give up on yourself, doing nothing. The true surrender is, in the inner, completely accepting what is happening now, letting down emotional resistance, anger and judgment and labelling in the mind. In this way, your heart will rise to deeper awareness in peace. This awareness will bring you more effective actions. The action at this time is based on the positive energy of understanding, not on fear, criticism, and resistance.

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3. Awareness 

Observation and awareness are the simplest but most powerful tools for growth. Through the observation of breathing, we can enter the inner quiet space. If you can, please perceive your own breath every day, perceive the tiny movements, perceive the thoughts in your head, and notice the rise of subtle emotions.

4. Mood

Emotion is our inner true feedback. Every emotion happens to remind us that there are problems inside, there is a need to deal with it, and we have to see it. Only when you encounter something, you can handle the emotions first. The so-called static treatment will surely produce wisdom. A calm and stable heart can guide the action of wisdom. Allow emotions to fully express yourself through you, but be careful not to fall into the victim’s story of the mind weaving, and not fall into the illusion of the past and the future. When the mood rises, just at the moment, let the feelings fully express, because in the moment, you are safe, and every emotion rises, it is a healing opportunity. Like a bystander, observe your emotions, allow them to come out and see what happens inside yourself. What is the real self? And why is there such an emotion? Constantly check your beliefs, minds, patterns, and trauma in your emotions.

5. Take Responsibility For Your Own Life 

It’s easy for us to fall into the victim’s story of our own mind, but if you let yourself be a victim of resentment, then you give up the responsibility to grow and give up the power to live free. Staying in the “victim” position will never get better, and it won’t make anything better. Everyone’s life, only oneself can be responsible for themselves, we need to really take responsibility for our own lives.

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Regardless of the emotions that others or external situations arouse, don’t complain about why others are like this, why is the environment so? Ask yourself why you have such emotions and reactions inside.

6. Grow In Every Moment Of Ordinary Life

If you have a good mentor to grow with you, that’s fine, but don’t rely on it. Because even the best teacher, there is no way to help you through your life. Our best teachers are ourselves, and the feelings that rise in our hearts. If your conditions permit, you can read books, attend workshops, or expensive courses. But that’s all external conditions. If you don’t put the knowledge you have learned into your life experience, even if you learn more, it’s just “other people’s experience”, and it doesn’t help your life. Life is the classroom for the growth of the soul, and life is our mentor.

Everyone we meet, everything in life, is likely to expose us to the lessons of growth, as long as you bravely look at all the emotions and sufferings. As long as you focus on the present, cooking, washing dishes, doing housework, you can also become a practice. And actively participate in life, discover the mystery of life in the triviality of life, explore the inner truth in the subtleties of life, far more brave than those who hide in the mountains.

7. Discover Your Talent and Mission 

Everyone is unique, and everyone is different from others. This is the wonder of life. Similarly, everyone has their own talents, strengths and missions. Education is to discover the child’s talent and create space for his talent bloom. Some parents ask: How to find the child’s talent? Watch your child doing a quiet and happy state of doing things. The things that make you feel the inner joy are your true love, your mission. Creativity blooms in the silence of love and joy, withering in the impetuousness of fear and utilitarianism. Do what makes you happy, it will nourish your life.

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8. Don’t Try To Change Someone Else 

Whether you are trying to change your partner because of your dissatisfaction, or want to change your parents, or even because of the values ​​of others and your inconsistency, you want them to do what you think “should”. We can’t change others. We can only create a space for change to happen through the change of our own state of life, and create an energy field where changes can occur. Check our own beliefs: Do we want to better satisfy ourselves by changing others? Let yourself be more comfortable and happy? No one can “change” another person. If the other party changes, it is because we have done enough good enough to become a good role model. Put your gaze back on yourself and change yourself, everything will change.

9. Accepting Parents 

Parents gave us life and gave us the opportunity to create our own life. No matter how good we are today, we should really thank and accept our parents because we cannot give birth to ourselves. If parents love you unconditionally, you choose them to experience the beauty of the world; if parents are not so “selfless” to love you, you choose them to let the soul grow. Parents have given life to us, and many things that need to be done by ourselves. They are our parents and two independent people. They all have the right to choose their own life and lifestyle. No matter what your parents are, accept them, you need to accept your parents from the bottom of your heart. If you let yourself fall into resentment, you lose the power of life and miss the greatest love on earth.

10. Thanksgiving and Blessing 

Frequent gratitude can make a wonderful change in our lives. Try to find 10 things that make you grateful every day. The best way to make yourself rich is to constantly thank you for everything around you; the best way to be confident is to keep blessing everything around you. Blessing will make your inner love flow naturally, thanks to the constant flow of love from the universe to your inner being.

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