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Quotes About Freedom: Freedom does not mean only freedom from physical imprisonment. To be truly free, you have to be free from your thoughts. People’s negative thoughts and superstitions are the biggest imprisonment for them and they are not even aware of it.

Why Quotes About Freedom?

Through freedom quotes, you will know that imprisonment is actually, only a mental thought that is injected into your mind which you can easily erase.

I hope these quotes about freedom will help you to get real freedom.

True Freedom Quotes

1. Freedom is a choice that you can always choose.

2. To get real freedom, you will first have to be free from your negative thoughts.

3. Unless you are the slave of your thoughts, you cannot experience real freedom.

4. Freedom is nothing but a thought.

5. Prison of thoughts is the biggest imprisonment, if you are unhappy or disturbed, then you have to be free from your thoughts.

6. Your freedom is your right; do not let anyone’s negative thoughts ruin your freedom.

7. Nature is attractive and beautiful because it is free.

8. Forgiving others is the greatest freedom that you can give to yourself.

9. Stay in your own energy to experience real freedom, do not become slaves of others’ thought and energy.

10. Without any delay, separate that person from your life who hinders you from staying in your own mental freedom.

11. Free yourself from regret and anger, and healing will take place.

12. Freedom in the 10×10 room is better than prison in 1000×1000.

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13. Educate yourself so that you can always keep yourself free of social misconceptions, formalities, and treachery.

14. Freedom is the name of life. When you are free, you live happily and enjoy your life.

15. Freedom takes place when you intend to live your life in your own terms.

16. Make goals, work hard, get your rewards and show the world that you are not frozen, you are free and you can achieve anything with your intentions.

17. Fulfilling your desires and enjoying every moment of life is freedom.

18. Prison is not just physical, mental imprisonment is more dangerous, it stops your growth and makes you sick.

Spiritual Freedom Quotes

19. If the prisoner does not consider himself a prisoner even after being in jail, then really he is not a prisoner. Mental freedom is more important than physical freedom.

20. Snatching someone’s freedom is the biggest sin and the worst act.

21. You will be able to write a new story after releasing yourself from bad memories.

22. Freedom is the mind free of negative thoughts.

23. Every day there is a new war, if you keep yourself as a slave of the last battle you will never be able to experience freedom and happiness.

24. Dreaming is the first step to walk in the path of freedom.

25. Either you are fully free or completely slave.

26. Prison is an illusion, freedom is a reality.

27. Discarding the illusion means accepting freedom.

28. People are more in the imprisonment of a misconception than physical prison.

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29. You are free from the moment you accept it.

30. First, you get scared of fighting but when you get off into the ground then you realize that fighting for your freedom is better than being in prison.

31. In this century, most lies have been said to you so that you can be enslaved. Forget what the world has told you, listen to your heart and make yourself a free bird of a beautiful garden.

32. People who believe in different social beliefs will never know that they are in a very big prison, people who live without any mental conflict experience real freedom.

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