How To Do More Work In Less Time – “EAT THAT FROG” Sum Up

How To Do More Work In Less Time - "EAT THAT FROG" Sum Up

There was once a proverb saying, ” If the first thing you wake up every morning is to eat a live frog, you will be pleased to find that there will be nothing worse than this in the rest of the day. It’s a thing. “

The “frog” here is used to describe the most difficult and important things in our lives.

Based on this idea, Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog” illustrates 21 time management rules that accomplish the most work in the shortest possible time. This book, translated into more than 20 languages, is hailed as one of the world’s most read time management classics.

I was thinking of writing about this book for a long time. The methods described in the book are excellent and the rules of each time management can be applied immediately.

There are three sentences in the book that impressed me the most, and I can best reflect the core idea of the whole book. I will share it with you here.

1. “One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that need not to be done at all.”

The book title of this book is “eat that frog”, then the first and most important thing is to find the “frog” of your own, that is, to find the most important thing for yourself.

Many of my friends seem to be busy every day, but after a day they don’t know what they are busy with, but they don’t find their own focus.

So what is the important thing? This requires you to be very clear about your goals, how do you want to live a day, how to live a lifetime, and through your own planning, you can find your own focus.

By listing the plan, listing the list, etc., you will list all the things you need to do, and then find those things that will bring high returns if you do, put the time on it, this is efficient. The way to do things.

2. “If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first.”

If your day is constantly busy and filled with all kinds of things, you don’t know which one to do first, and which one to do later, you can’t make a choice.

Let’s take a look at the introduction of this sentence and complete the more difficult and important thing first.

Don’t say that everything is important. Two things are in front of you. There is always one thing that matters.

When an important thing is solved, many things will be solved.

3. “If you have to eat a live frog, it doesn’t pay to sit and look at it for very long.”

You have found your own “frog” and knowing what is important to you, but always looking for excuses to not act, it is useless.

Efficient people have a habit of acting immediately, knowing that no more will be done and there will be no change.

For the delay, the book also introduced the relevant methods. For example, you can use the “Salami Slice Method” to break the task like a slice, only solve part of it at a time, and finally eat the whole frog.

You can also take the “Swiss Cheese Method” and give yourself a small, fixed time to complete the task. Each time you complete a task, you can make a stroke on the list of the task area, just like making a hole in the cheese. Accumulate a sense of accomplishment in doing things.

As long as you act a little bit every day, you will eventually get closer to your goals and fulfill your wishes.

Of course, in order to ensure that you can focus on the time you eat the frog, you need to do all kinds of preparations and arrange a specific time for it. It is best to finish the important things in the morning so that you will feel the day. Unprecedented ease.

When you are focused on your work, you must learn to actively block all possible interferences, disconnect the network properly, and create a whole time that is exclusive to you. Also, learn to say “no” and reasonably reject others’ requests.

In order to achieve high efficiency, you also need to constantly improve your professional skills, find the bottleneck that hinders your efficient work, and spend more time to study and solve the problem. You can use your network, tools, and more to increase your efficiency.

So don’t worry anymore, your time is very valuable, remember to spend your time on the blade.

What do you do to work more in less time ?

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