How To Implement 80/20 Principle

I believe many people have heard the 80/20 rule. Its core idea is that 80% of your income or value comes from your 20% effort.

In your life, only 20% of things are really important, and the other 80% are constantly distracting or depriving you of your attention.

In the workplace, most employees are also verifying this phenomenon. Although it takes 8 hours to work every day, it may be only one hour of work that will really pay off, and that is 20%.

If we want to improve work efficiency and make rational use of time, what should we do?

The answer is to get rid of the 80% less important thing and focus on the 20% important thing.

1. Delete The Optional Tasks

How To Implement 80/20 Principle

After a task comes, we should make a judgment first, and whether it is dispensable for our long-term goals. If so, then simply reject the task.

Many small partners are troubled by low efficiency, lack of time, and want to learn time management, in fact, because they want to do too much.

We must learn to rationally give up something that looks good but does not have a positive effect on our goals.

You only have to remove needless and dispensable things, and you have more time to focus on the important things.

2. Don’t Do Everything Personally

How To Implement 80/20 Principle

Some work will inevitably need to be completed, but this time it is not always necessary to plunge it in. You can see if you can delegate it to others to complete.

In working life, learning to ask for help correctly can alleviate a lot of stress for us.

However, many people in this place are prone to make a mistake, that is, they don’t trust others to do it. The so-called does not bring people, you can only be tired of yourself.

Whether you are working or living, learning to decentralize, you can create more time for yourself and focus on what really matters.

3. Focus On What Really Matters

How To Implement 80/20 Principle

Give up the work that is dispensable and deal with the work that can be delegated to others, then the next step is to focus on the really important work.

We all know that the really important thing is not that interesting compared to the 80% job that is not important. So in order for the mission to go well, you can try the following methods:

  • Decomposition task
  • Looking for a stream
  • Use piecemeal time
  • Make the task interesting

In order to prevent the work from being abandoned halfway, we should try to break down the big tasks and accumulate a sense of accomplishment in the process of completing the small tasks, prompting us to continue to do other work.

Finding the state in which you forget things and work in full, that is, the state of “heart flow”, is conducive to improving work efficiency.

At the same time, we must make good use of the piecemeal time. The focus does not have to be a whole time. The piecemeal time can also be considered. As long as your goal is specific, the effect will be satisfactory.

Finally, in order for the task to continue, we must learn to add fun to it. Otherwise it is easy to have procrastination.

You can give your work environment a favorite aroma, or listen to your favorite music, incorporate rewards into your work plan, and more. Let things not be so boring, to ensure that the focus time is longer.

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Time management is not about doing more things, but about doing things better.

Always remember that your time is limited, you must find your own high-yield things to invest in, in order to bid farewell to invalid efforts.

What are you spending most of your time on?

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