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Quotes about Respect: Everyone wants respect. Respecting others shows your virtues and receiving respect is like a pleasure. Respect should not be just external, for everyone; there should be a sense of respect from your heart.

When you respect others, it shows how wise you are. Respecting others increases your reputation and society recognizes you as a good person.

Why You need Respect Quotes

Quotes about respect given here will help you to understand the importance of respect and help filling a sense of respect for everyone inside you. Hope you will love these respect quotes.

Respect Quotes

1. To gain respect from others, first learn to respect yourself.

2. Humanity deserves respect. There should be no need for any reason to respect anyone.

3. We all share the same mind, body, and soul. By showing respect to others, you show your greatness.

4. You are complete in yourself; no one can make you sad, upset and disrespectful unless you allow.

5. If you spread the rudeness around you, your path will become difficult, if you give respect, your path will become fragrant and easy.

6. Only a self-respecting person can give respect to others.

7. The more you are educated the more you will be honoured.

8. Respect is something that should never be expected but should be given and it will be received by itself.

9. No matter how educated you are, if you do not have a sense of kindness and respect, you are an animal.

10. It is better to get rid of those who do not understand the language of respect.

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11. Even though the views of two people do not match, it is always important to respect each other.

12. Respect is taught from the family, if the family is honoured, the country will be honoured.

13. Learn to Respect Others to Increase your Self-esteem.

14. Respect should not come from the behaviour of others; it should come from the behaviour of yours.

15. Be so self-respecting that no one can insult you.

16. Respect should not be just external; everyone should have a sense of respect from heart. This will heal you mentally and physically.

17. Respect and mercy are the key qualities of wise people.

18. Glory is destroyed by living with those who do not know how to respect others.

Respect Quotes for Others

19. The sense of respect comes only through gratitude.

20. Selfish people can never respect others, they only think for their respect, but forget that respect is earned.

21. Those who insult others, forget that they are being dishonoured themselves.

22. Self-love and self-respect attract more love and respect in your life.

23. Care is the most beautiful form of respect.

24. Respecting your parents is the world’s greatest honour.

25. If you can’t feel love for yourself, you can’t love others.

26. Your attitude towards others reflects your self-esteem.

27. The way you deal with people, people deal with you in the same way.

28. Those who know how to respect others are aware of the great wisdom of life.

29. Compassionate people know very well how to respect.

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30. Respect is listening to people when they express their different opinions.

31. When you are above, you must show kindness. When you are below, you must keep your self-esteem above you.

32. If there is enough respect for each other, there will be no argument.

33. Those who do not respect the feelings of others, they will eventually hate others.

34. Respecting others is a virtue and being respected is a kind of happiness.

35. Don’t complain that people do not respect you, ask yourself if you respect people.

36. We love each other alike because we understand each other and respect each other.

37. Learn to understand, learn to care, learn to respect.

38. Every woman deserves respect, no matter what she did with you, your respect for her will make her good.

39. It doesn’t matter in which relationship you are, if there is no respect, it is not worth the relation.

40. Learn not only to respect humans but also nature and all creatures.

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