Poem About Cloud And Sunset By Nitin Namdeo

poem about cloud and sunset by nitin namdeo

Discover the beauty of clouds with this inspiring poem about their transformative power. Read how clouds can turn a sunset into a breathtaking masterpiece and learn to see the beauty in life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Cloud And Sunset

On my terrace I stood,
Sipping black coffee,
With summer evening
And sky aglow,

But alas!
The clouds were quickly closing,
The sunset's beauty
Seemed set to go.

I gazed, forlorn,
As the sky grew darker,
With sadness in my heart,
I sipped my brew.

But then, as if by magic,
A hue appeared,
And my sadness
Turned into wonder and awe.

For the clouds,
They brought not darkness to the sky,
But a beauty
That I want to capture,

A breathtaking view
That took my breath away,
And left me filled
With joy and rapture.

And now
I found something
That makes me realize,

That not all clouds in the sky
Come to bring darkness,
And despise.

But some come
To make your sunset
More beautiful,

By turning the sky
Into a canvas,
And painting... it's wonderful.

- Nitin Namdeo
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