Short Poem About Trees By Nitin Namdeo

short poem about trees by nitin namdeo

This poem is a tribute to the trees and the beauty of nature. It expresses the idea that trees live in harmony with each other, without discrimination, as they grow and sway in the wind.

I love places where there are crowds of trees.

– Nitin Namdeo

Poem About Trees

I love places
Where there are crowds of trees,
They live in harmony
Without knowing their creed.

They sing, they hum,
They grizzle, they swing,
Without defining
Who is ordinary and who is king.

Their peacefulness
Is truly blessed,
As nature's grace and love
They possess.

Not bothered by
Each other's branches,
And sharing the leaves
With elegant dances.

Even in the crowd and the odd,
They know how to live in ease,
Because they know very well
They are not humans, they are trees.

They know very well
That they are not for eternity,
So they live in joyfulness
Leaving their selfishness and stupidity.

- Nitin Namdeo
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