121+ Prom Quotes And Captions For Instagram

prom quotes and captions for instagram

Prom season is the best time of year and this post will help you find the best prom quotes and captions for instagram!

Prom season has arrived, and it’s time to start planning prom-related activities with your besties and fave celebs. But if you are looking for some inspiration on creating prom-themed photo captions for Instagram, then look no further!

Everyone wants to look and feel their best at prom, no matter what shape they’re in or whether they’re already an adult. But it can be hard getting the perfect outfits and picking just the right quote for your headshot. That’s why I made this list of prom quotes and captions.

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Best Prom Quotes

  1. It’s all about the vibes at Prom party.
  2. You can’t take the fun out of dancing, it’s a feeling that you just have to feel.
  3. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting down to a good dance beat.
  4. There’s no better place to be than at the prom party.
  5. You know what’s better than a good party? A prom party with a bunch of great people.
  6. At promparty, anything is possible.
  7. A night to remember. The memories and photos from the prom will be cherished forever.
  8. When you go to prom, it’s not just about the dress and shoes. It’s people and vibes.
  9. Prom is the time to let loose, have fun and socialize.
  10. If you’re still in high school, then you better start making prom plans.

Prom Quotes for Instagram

  1. It’s the little things in life that make it memorable.
  2. Life is a celebration, and it’s all about the people with you.
  3. There are some things worth the wait.
  4. Party with the stars
  5. Let’s go out into the night, we’ve got a lot to celebrate!
  6. Let the good times roll
  7. Life is worth it if you can dance with it.
  8. It’s prom night, let the party begin!
  9. The night is young and the party’s just begun.
  10. Party hard. The night is ours
  11. The night is young, let’s get wild tonight!
  12. Cheers to a good time with friends, new and old.
  13. It’s a prom Night Party!
  14. Good times. Good people. Good vibes.
  15. Let’s get into some good times with our friends.
  16. Dance like no one is watching… and smile like it’s the first day of spring.
  17. You got the moves, we got the drinks.
  18. To chitchat and dance the night away
  19. Dance with the wind in your hair and the music in your soul.
  20. Friendship is a dance.
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Funny Prom Quotes for Instagram

  1. Never go to a prom without an ice cold bottle of vodka
  2. Let’s party tonight like it meeen an off nights
  3. Let’s make it a night for the record books.
  4. Life is just a party, prom Party!
  5. Let’s get our groove on.
  6. Shake ya booty, shake your body and dance like hell!
  7. Let’s get down to the floor and celebrate!
  8. Life is too short to wear boring clothes.
  9. Party like there’s no tomorrow.
  10. Go big or go home. It’s the only rule.
  11. Life’s too short to wear boring hats.
  12. Let’s get #promtastic.
  13. We’re going to need a bigger dance floor!
  14. What’s the point of attending a prom party if you don’t dance?
  15. How to celebrate prom night? With a smile and a sip of good champagne
  16. If you want to be in style, dress like we do.
  17. Oh. My. Gosh. That was the best party ever!
  18. Who needs a prom dress when you have a prom face?
  19. What’s better than a dance party with your friends? A dance party in your prom dress.
  20. If a prom party is the only way to bring your style goals together, then you better get cracking.

Good Prom Quote for Instagram

  1. Enjoy your life. Forget about tomorrow. It’s all about today.
  2. Let’s forget about the day and time, forget about our busy schedules, let’s get away from it all. Let’s just have fun
  3. The best time of the year is literally around the corner
  4. The best part of prom Night is seeing everyone’s smiling faces light up.
  5. The night is long and full of possibilities. Let’s make it a good one.
  6. Let’s get ready to dance and party all night!
  7. Let the music be your rhythm and dance your way to the fiesta.
  8. There’s no party like a prom party.
  9. A party isn’t a dress. It’s the people who make it look great.
  10. It’s prom time. Act fast to reserve your spot on the dance floor.
  11. It’s prom time! And I’m ready for the best night of my life.
  12. On the dance floor, they’re all about breaking down boundaries and letting loose.
  13. All dressed up and ready for the big dance
  14. OUt with friends and have a blast. We’re ready for the prom!
  15. There’s nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by your friends and having a good time. #prom
  16. The good life is all about the people you surround yourself with. So let’s take a moment to enjoy this special moment together.
  17. When you’re having so much fun at prom
  18. It’s official. We’re all getting ready for the prom.
  19. Here’s to the most epic prom ever! 🎉
  20. The best prom photos are the ones that make you smile, not just because they’re great pictures but because they remind you of a fun night out with your friends.
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Senior Prom Quotes for Instagram

  1. The best prom party ever!
  2. Let’s make this prom night the best yet.
  3. Breaking out of the prom monotony with some old-school jams.
  4. It’s prom time, so you know what that means: a bunch of sweet prom photos for us to admire.
  5. Where you can forget your troubles, and dance the night away with friends.
  6. The best part of prom – being with all your friends.
  7. When you go to the prom and realize that you’re the only person under 40.
  8. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to do something. Be in the moment and make it count for your high school prom.
  9. You might be a senior, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.
  10. Good times are had by all at our prom party tonight.

Prom Quotes for Guys

  1. Let’s get funky, it’s time to party!
  2. It’s time to get your best moves on.
  3. There’s no party like a prom party.
  4. Prom is a time to let loose and have the time of your life.
  5. Where the night is long and the music is loud.
  6. There are two things I need more of: an awesome prom party and more time for the gym.
  7. What happens at prom stays at prom.
  8. Prom is no time for play. It’s all about making memories, so every moment counts.
  9. Prom night is a time for friends and family to come together. It’s the memories, not the work, that matter.
  10. High school is over for now, but we’re going to have a lot of fun in the meantime

Prom Quotes for Couples

  1. You’re the one who I want to dance with, at prom.
  2. I wish I could go to prom with you.
  3. When the night is young, and you need some courage to take a chance on love.
  4. What’s better than being at prom? Being at prom with your crush.
  5. Life is all about the little celebrations.
  6. Classic prom party. Classic you and me. Classic fun
  7. There’s nothing like a good #prom party to remind you how special your relationship is, and to make you appreciate all the times you spent together.
  8. Don’t be too caught up on the dress that you forget to dance.
  9. Prom is all about finding the right dress, but most importantly…finding your date.
  10. It’s prom season, so of course we have to post a selfie.
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Inspirational Prom Quotes

  1. Prom is a time of reflection and celebration, so let’s make it a night to remember with the right music, dance and good drink.
  2. If you’re going to a prom party, wear something that makes you feel like you.
  3. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most beautiful.
  4. It’s a great time to reflect on where you have been and where you are going!
  5. Don’t let your prom party be ordinary. Get wild, get weird and get lifted.
  6. Getting the most out of life is always the best thing we can do.
  7. For the perfect prom night, you need to party like a rock star.
  8. Some nights are all about the dress code. Others, about the dance floor. And then there’s prom night.
  9. An uplifting night. A memorable dance floor. And memories that will last forever.
  10. One of the best parts about prom is hanging out with friends and getting lit with your squad on the dance floor.

Unique Prom Quotes

  1. You’re not a fashionista, you’re a style icon.
  2. What happens at prom party stays at prom party.
  3. It’s prom, get dressed up and dance it out.
  4. When you’re having the best time of your life, it’s called a prom party.
  5. Nothing better than a good laugh with your best friends after prom.
  6. Prom night is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and be you. Let’s do this right.
  7. The best part of prom is the dress. The rest is just a bonus.
  8. Memories are made at prom, not made at work.
  9. When you have a good time on prom night, it’s the best night of your life.
  10. When you’re young and in love — there’s nothing like a prom party.

Short Prom Quotes

  1. What’s a party without the best outfits?
  2. It’s prom time. I’m ready to make memories.
  3. The best part about prom is the dress.
  4. The night is young, let’s party.
  5. I want to stay in high school a little while longer.
  6. Good vibes only at our prom party!
  7. Prom night calls for some serious dancing
  8. Nothing like a good ol’ college prom party to keep the love alive.
  9. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fun prom and that’s how we roll.
  10. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a kid all over again.

I hope you’ve been able to find the perfect quote for your amazing prom night.

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