221+ Dumb Quotes That Make No Sense

dumb quotes that make no sense

Have you ever found dumb quotes that make no sense at all? I’m sure you have. And there are so many of those out there, yet we never get tired of reading them. Why? Because we just cannot stop ourselves from laughing. And this is why I’m going to show you some dumb quotes that make no sense.

Some of them are just plain weird, while others make you wonder why they were ever thought. This blog covers the dumbest quotes in history, as well as the most ridiculous and stupid quotes on the internet.

You might have a couple of old photos hanging on your fridge or maybe even a framed quote from your past. But if you don’t have any dumb quotes, you’re missing out on some laughs and smiles.

Let’s take a look at the list of dumb quotes that make no sense!

Dumb Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. Where there is hope, there are a bunch of elephants.
  2. Wear the clothes you don’t want to be kept in your closet.
  3. Smart people learn that’s why they can’t play basketball.
  4. You can be a bodybuilder, but you don’t really need to play the guitar.
  5. You are what you can’t see when you close your eyes.
  6. Don’t think about the past, think about pasta.
  7. I’m not pretty but sometimes I eat a lot.
  8. Focus on everything you see and your mind will fill with everything.
  9. Fairy tales are more than the wings of airplanes.
  10. You are not alone, you are human but sometimes you can play guitar.
  11. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage never to sleep.
  12.  You are not something readymade, you are fully furnished.
  13. You are alive because you know how to breathe.
  14. In the face of failure, remind yourself why you stopped playing badminton.
  15. As long as you are eating potatoes, the donkey will be happy with you.
  16. If you have guts then you know why your neighbors don’t invite you to their birthday party.
  17. I’ve come to a point in my life where I need a stronger word than luck.
  18. With great power comes a great need to slap stupids.
  19. You’re so much stronger than your belly fat.
  20. Don’t compare your burger to their pizza.

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Quotes That Sound Deep but Make No Sense

  1. If you can’t hear me chances are I’m not talking.
  2. You are not enough until you eat enough.
  3. We must accept that we can accept that we are overeaters but we don’t want to accept it.
  4. Sometimes you expect nothing from yourself because you know you are unexpected.
  5. If you can think about sleeping, you don’t need to sleep.
  6. It’s hard to beat a person who is not fighting.
  7. The best time to plant a tree is just before sunrise.
  8. The secret of getting fatty is eating when you don’t want to eat.
  9. Either you eat strawberry or strawberry don’t eat you.
  10. Everything you can imagine you can reimagine.
  11. Dance like there is no dance floor.
  12. Only the eaters survive.
  13. Do one thing every day that you do every day.
  14. The best part of waking up is trying to guess what you’re going to say today.
  15. The best things in life are free. That’s why I like the smell of tissue and the taste of chocolate!
  16. Nothing makes a friend happier than the thought of helping someone else.
  17. Keep on keepin’ on, even when the world gives you lemons.
  18. You cannot prove that you are a man. You must be a man first and then prove it.
  19. If you can turn on the TV, you are not too bad.
  20. The world is full of negative people that’s why I don’t like swimming.

Famous Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. Happiness is your own crate of fruits that you don’t want to sell.
  2. What you think, you think and this is the beauty of life.
  3. Whatever you are, don’t pull the truck.
  4. The same boiling water that softens the potato melts the ice cream.
  5. Impossible is just what you can’t do.
  6. Believe in yourself and the rain will stop.
  7. If something is important enough, you are not really that important.
  8. Hold the vision, eat the cherry.
  9. One day or one week, you are still alive.
  10. Things may come to those who wait, but you have a lot to do so you can’t wait.
  11. Invest in your dreams if you can’t invest in your sleep.
  12. Work hard in silence, but don’t forget to wear pajamas.
  13. We are what we are. And we are not what we are not.
  14. Some people want it to happen, and some want to eat pizza.
  15. Keep your eyes on the stars, but you are allowed to see the fireflies.
  16. In a gentle way, you can slap anybody if you can run faster than them.
  17. If opportunity doesn’t knock, maybe it’s not there.
  18. If everything seems to be under control, go underground.
  19. If you cannot do great things, don’t tell anybody.
  20. Wear your own clothes and eat everyone’s food.
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Dumb Inspirational Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. You are the creator of your own dreams.
  2. If you can change your mind, you can change your bedsheet.
  3. Not all umbrellas are meant to be opened in the rain.
  4. Don’t let what you can’t eat interfere with what you can eat a lot.
  5. You never know what you can throw until you throw something out of your house.
  6. No matter how hard you try, you can’t outgrow a bamboo tree.
  7. The secret to a peaceful life is to live in peace.
  8. The best revenge is to eat a lot of food and sleep peacefully.
  9. Only I can change my life. And I is missing.
  10. All your dreams can come true if you know the speed at which water moves from your mouth to your stomach.
  11. Dream big, it will increase both your height and your appetite
  12. It is not necessary that you can achieve everything you want in life, but you can always change your thoughts.
  13. All you need is to believe in yourself and if you can eat two carrots a day, even better.
  14. I am not saying that you should not dream big, I just want to say that you should stop wearing a shirt that is bigger than your size.
  15. Dreams are not what you see while sleeping, dreams are what you do not see even when you are awake.
  16. Trust yourself, and you will be trustworthy.
  17. The secret of getting ahead is forgetting that your car has back gear.
  18. When one door of happiness closes, buy a new fridge and try again.
  19. There is no use in thinking about yesterday, but tomorrow you have to take bath again, you must not forget it.
  20. Smart people learn from their kidneys and liver.

Stupid Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. Because the grass is green, I would like to eat green grapes.
  2. Doubt is a killer. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t doubt.
  3. Learn from the mistakes of others but don’t try to steal their food.
  4. Two things should never share with anyone; first, at what time do you take bath every day, and second, what do you do before sleeping.
  5. You are never too old to be a kid.
  6. If you can drink water you can draw water.
  7. People doing hard work avoid eating bread as it is often soft.
  8. Work hard in silence and sleep well in traffic jams.
  9. Happiness is not something ready-made because I have never met a tailor whose name is happy.
  10. Whatever you are, don’t fart in a public place.
  11. Stay awake, maybe you become God.
  12. There are only two types of people in the world; your type and not your type.
  13. If you eat hot dogs, it is not necessary that you start thinking of yourself as a dragon.
  14. Impossible is just a favorite word of my friend.
  15. When life gives you Monday, you can’t ask for more cold drinks.
  16. I’m alive, but I’m wondering how I know it.
  17. You never know the value of money until you know who was the first man on earth
  18. There are countless opportunities for those who know how to change their name on ID cards.
  19. If you know how to play cards, you also know how to climb a tree.
  20. No matter how smart you are, no medicine will work if you don’t have fuel in your car

Ridiculous Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. I’ve never missed more than 9,000 shots in my career because I don’t like missing.
  2. Just because the lion is the king of the jungle doesn’t mean you start treating people badly.
  3. You can prove anything if you eat two tomatoes every day.
  4. Don’t worry about the future, you are already in the past.
  5. Just because you are alive, doesn’t mean you should die.
  6. If you want to be great, never throw a stone in the valley.
  7. Great people always put their shoes under the bed when they sleep.
  8. If success was a wardrobe, you would surely find the key.
  9. Education is the most powerful weapon, and that’s why so many people run away from it.
  10. If you cannot make mistakes, at least become a bamboo tree.
  11. Don’t wait for the right time, the right time is not waiting for you.
  12. If you really care about your future, you shouldn’t be singing in the shower.
  13. Every book you read is called your read book.
  14. If you cannot spell elephant, chances are you are one.
  15. Because every person has the right to live life according to his own belief, so you should have your dinner on time.
  16. Live every day with positivity because it is not necessary that you get to eat pizza every day.
  17. You are not the product of your thoughts; you are the product of your food.
  18. Be the creator of your own fish, horse, and dogs.
  19. If you’ve ever been bitten by a dog, you know how to swim.
  20. If you really care about the pocket in your blazer, you would never let anyone put their hands on it.
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Funny Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. I wake up every morning just to think about why I slept.
  2. And, when you want something, nobody cares about it.
  3. Don’t think or judge, just accept you can’t do both.
  4. You have brains in your head so you can think about hunger in your stomach.
  5. Early bird dozes all-day
  6. Either you sleep or you are reborn.
  7. The police cannot let you go to jail and the judge cannot grant you bail.
  8. It’s only on tough days that you drink more whiskey.
  9. You are braver than your underwear.
  10. If you believe it’ll work out, you will not cancel your gym subscription.
  11. A good leader knows how to open a beer bottle without an opener.
  12. In a gentle way, you can ask your friend to wash your dishes.
  13. If everything seems to be under control, get under the umbrella.
  14. If you believe in yourself then you can feed bitter gourd to anyone and also take feedback.
  15. Unsuccessful people never tell the reason of their failure to successful people because they are afraid of competition.
  16. If you’re determined, you won’t be afraid to share your Netflix subscription with a public group.
  17. If you can order a water bottle from Amazon, you can swim in any lake.
  18. Nothing can stop you from being successful unless you throw your own banana peel on the road.
  19. To achieve anything big in life, you have to do 20 rounds of the crocodile sitting on top of a bigger fish.
  20. Hyenas never complain about the smell of onions, so you should also return the borrowed money on time.

Weird Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. The sun gets cold in the rain, so you should take a bath every day.
  2. If you don’t want to eat then nothing is edible.
  3. Believe in yourself you can grow popcorn.
  4. Nothing is stronger than strong beer.
  5. When Plan A doesn’t work, take a flight to Michigan and ask why.
  6. If at first you don’t succeed, there is no guarantee you will become an Amazon seller.
  7. Countless stars in the sky and you have only a few apples in your fridge.
  8. If you judge people, you have no time to eat their minds.
  9. Once you do know what the question actually is, you’ll find another question.
  10. We can see through others only when they have holes in their body.
  11. If you don’t like the road you’re walking, it is because you don’t wake up early.
  12. If you know how to speak politely, you know why the sky is blue.
  13. Those who cannot change their minds are those who change their diet.
  14. Don’t take anything personally, hire a secretary instead.
  15. It’s not about having enough time; it’s about having enough teeth and chocolates.
  16. Success is going from salon to grocery store without losing your sunglasses.
  17. Life is like riding a bicycle, but sometimes it feels like the tires are flat and the brakes are not working.
  18. When thinking about pineapple, remember this: roses are red and crows are black.
  19. Not all clouds are black, just as all blacks are not clouds.
  20. Either you run the day, or you don’t run the day.
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Stupid Sayings That Make No Sense

  1. If you know you know.
  2. Life is a classroom whether you know it or not.
  3. No one can dim the light coming from the airplane flying in the sky.
  4. Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to slap you. Today I am wise, so I want to slap you harder.
  5. If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not scary.
  6. You don’t need to take a vacation to get enough sleep.
  7. The world is changed by your example, not your samples.
  8. Try to believe what you might think is unbelievable.
  9. If you don’t build your dream, build your dream house.
  10. Dream beautiful dreams, eat tasty foods, sleep sweet sleeps.
  11. Believe you can and you will be called a believer.
  12. Do the right thing when your left hand is not right.
  13. Don’t watch the clock; it’s not watching you.
  14. Wealth isn’t about having a lot of money, it is about having lots of sneakers.
  15. You are not a regular glue, but you can be if you try.
  16. Stay true to your vegetables and fruits.
  17. Work hard and choose the easiest task you can do.
  18. I never dreamt of success. I always dreamt of ghosts.
  19. Be the strawberry your girlfriend wants to eat.
  20. Change is painful. Stay unchanged.

Short Dumb Quotes That Make No Sense

  1. Don’t public yourself.
  2. Success is not chocolate.
  3. Life is death.
  4. To go high, you have to eat bamboo tree.
  5. You are not your gum.
  6. I don’t give a cock about pizza.
  7. It’s easy to hide your pizza.
  8. You are a genius as a frog.
  9. You have to befriend frogs to climb mountains
  10. You are you, that’s it.
  11. We are here to eat.
  12. Be the pancake you want to eat.
  13. You are not enough, you are human.
  14. Not all cats drink milk.
  15. If you can’t beat them, dress better than them.
  16. Choose cupcake over pan pizza.
  17. Be so nice they give you their pajamas.
  18. If you can dream it, you are the dreamer.
  19. Don’t let your fear kill your hunger.
  20. Done is better than don.

Dumb Quotes That Sound Smart

  1. We are here not just to live but to play our favorite game.
  2. People aren’t usually human, but you might be.
  3. Wherever you go, you are allowed to drink water.
  4. It’s your life, but you can’t sneeze all day.
  5. We are only limited by the size of our feet.
  6. We are here just like we are not there.
  7. You can be kind, but you choose to go to skydiving.
  8. You have to walk straight, but sometimes you can go around.
  9. The path to success is not easy, and you should find an easy path.
  10. You shouldn’t eat pizza if you don’t like cucumber.
  11. The only thing worth knowing is how your dead body travels to hell when you die.
  12. You are alive just like you are not dead.
  13. Every champion was once a child.
  14. To break the records you don’t need to break the glass of cars.
  15. You can be successful but only if you know how not to fail.
  16. If you have the habit of eating ginger then you can make your place anywhere in life.
  17. Everyone knows how to eat drink sleep and die.
  18. Not everything has an answer, so not everything should be answered.
  19. I never lose. Either I eat or sleep.
  20. She remembered who she was and go to sleep.
  21. Remember, no matter how bad the time, the stars in the sky never stop twinkling.
  22. There is no reason to be sad when you know that there are more tomatoes than apples in the world.

Hopefully, you’ve found at least a few dumb quotes that make you laugh. Even if they aren’t funny, think of them as reminders to be careful when using language.

As always, feel free to leave a comment down below with suggestions for quotes that make no sense. I will do my best to update this article as frequently as possible. Thanks!

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