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A book just fell on my head. I’ve only got myshelf to blame.

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Funny Play on Words List

Cat puns:

  • You’ve got to be kitten me.
  • Dogs are in-furior to cats.
  • Look at that meowntain.
  • Wait a meow-ment.
  • My cat is super cathletic.

Dog Puns:

  • Don’t bite the hound that feeds you.
  • I’m so fur-tunate to have you in my life
  • The dog has been going through a rough pooch lately.
  • Next time you take your dog out to the lake, bring a doggie paddle with you!
  • What’s your dog’s favorite Pink Floyd album? Bark Side of the Moon.

Fish Puns:

  • Never trust unlicensed puns – always check they’re o-fish-al.
  • I’d make him walk the plankton for that.
  • This is a big issue a-monk fishermen.
  • I’m stuck between a rock and a hard plaice now!
  • You’re not quite up to scale.

Cheese Puns:

  • Cheesy come, cheesy go
  • That’s what cheese said
  • Nothing get cheddar than this
  • Cheesy on the eyes
  • Cheese all that

Egg Puns:

  • Why did the egg cross the road? To get to the Shell station!
  • What do you call a mischievous egg? A practical yolker!
  • What does Mr. Egg say every morning to Mrs. Egg? Have an eggs-tra special day!
  • Why did the egg hide behind its mom? He was a little chicken!
  • What did the chef say after an incredible breakfast? That was egg-ceptional

Birthday Puns:

  • You feta have a gouda birthday.
  • What’d one veggie say to the other on its birthday? Ha pea birthday.
  • Go ahead…cake my day.
  • Hey shawty. It’s sherbert day.
  • I need glasses to read my birthday cards. Wine glasses.

Halloween Puns:

  • You’re just my (blood) type.
  • I have an account at the blood bank.
  • Have an eek-tastic Halloween!
  • Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.
  • I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn’t find it very humerus.
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Food Puns:

  • Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.
  • Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout!
  • This may sound bananas but I find you a-peeling.
  • Hope to see you again so we can ketchup.
  • The s’more I know you, the s’more I love you.

Bear Puns:

  • The bear said he loves Spiderman. He also said he loved Peter Pawker in the movie.
  • The bear did not want to step out of the house in the middle of the pandamic.
  • It was easy to guess the bear’s favorite food. I knew he would like bearritos.
  • While doing fieldwork, the bear prefers using a wheelbearrow.
  • How did the grizzly walk in the snow? Bear footed.

Bread Puns:

  • What did the toast say to the psychic? You bread my mind!
  • What does a loaf of bread say when breaking up with his girlfriend? You deserve butter.
  • Why did the aging loaf retire? His career was toast.
  • The two slices of bread decided to leave the bakery. I heard that they wanted to grow mold together.
  • Did you know that pilgrims baked bread on the May-Flour?

Cow Puns:

  • I saw a cow spontaneously catch on fire the other day. Guess you could call it a rare experience.
  • I’d tell you a cow joke… But I would probably butcher it.
  • What’s a cow’s social media handle? Bo-Vine.
  • What do you call a Russian bovine covered in lichen? Moscow.
  • What are cow knees called? Burger joints.

Christmas Puns:

  • Christmas has me feeling extra Santa-mental.
  • Santa Claus’ favorite swimming spot is the North Pool.
  • Santa can’t take a nonstop, he has to take a sleigh-over.
  • Don’t get caught elvesdropping on Santa!
  • Sleigh my name, sleigh my name.

Bee Puns:

  • What do you call a bee that lives in America? A USB.
  • Remember, if you offend an audience of beekeepers, you may hear some veiled threats.
  • As soon as the bees were finished making their hive, they threw a big house-swarming party.
  • What do you get when you cross a doorbell and a bee? A hum-dinger!
  • What music do bees like? Bee-bop, Bee-thoven, Bee-yoncé, The Bee-tles, Bee-stie Boys, Cros-bee, Stills, Nash & Young, or Justin Bee-ber?
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Plant Puns:

  • Do you have the thyme? I need to get somewhere around tree o’clock.
  • Do you need some encourage-mint?
  • Say aloe to my little friend.
  • Chive loved you for so long.
  • Our friendship is unbeleafable.

Skeleton Puns:

  • See, I’m not fat – I’m big boned.
  • Halloween greetings from your favorite bonehead.
  • It’s gonna be a great Halloween. I can feel it in my bones.
  • Did you hear about the skeleton who wasn’t cool?
  • He didn’t have a hip bone in his body!

Bird Puns:

  • Toucan play at the game
  • Talk birdy to me
  • Bird puns are ducking awesome
  • I’m feeling emu-tional
  • Here’s another bird pun for you beak-ause you’re awesome!

Coffee Puns:

  • You’re brew-ti-ful.
  • What did the coffee say to its date? Hey there, hot stuff!
  • It’s hard to espresso my feelings for you.
  • I’ve bean thinking of you a Latte.
  • I made a pot of coffee, espresso-ly for you.

Horse Puns:

  • What type of horses only go out at night? Night-mares.
  • Where do horses go when they’re sick? The horsepital.
  • What’s a horse’s favorite TV show? Neighbors.
  • A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Hey.” The horse says, “You read my mind!”
  • What do you call a well-balanced horse? Stable.

Tree Puns:

  • What crime is punishable by death in the kingdom of trees? Treeson
  • What do you call an oak tree that can’t make it’s mind up? Undeciduous
  • In China, they don’t cut trees. They just chopsticks
  • Why do you never want to invite a tree to your party? Because they never leaf when you want them to.
  • What’s the best way to make a tree laugh? Tell it acorn-y joke.
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Rock Puns:

  • I think my career as a geologist is really on the rocks.
  • A bad rock pun really makes my blood run coal.
  • It is true, you should never take life for granite.
  • Geology puns are great, they really draw pebble together.
  • Which concert did the geologist go to? The Rolling-Stones

Math Puns:

  • What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator? A friend you can count on.
  • Do you know what’s odd? Every other number!
  • Why do teenagers always travel in groups of three, five, or seven? Because they can’t even!
  • How are a dollar and the moon similar? They both have four quarters!
  • You should never start a conversation with Pi. It’ll just go on and on forever.

Animal Puns:

  • Where do milkshakes come from? Nervous cows!
  • What’s a cats favorite dessert? Chocolate mouse!
  • What do you call a thieving alligator? A crook-o-dile
  • Where do mice park their boats? At the hickory dickory dock.
  • Who stole the soap out of the bathtub? The robber ducky!

Chicken Puns:

  • How do chickens leave a building? They use the eggs-it!
  • What do chickens study at college? Egg-onomics.
  • What do you call a chicken crossed with a cow? A roost beef.
  • Which chicken is at the top of the pecking order? Attila the Hen.
  • Why did the farmer cross the road? To get the chicken back!

Love Puns:

  • You’re the pineapple of my eye.
  • I doughnut know what I would do without you.
  • If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.
  • I’m soy into you.
  • I love you, just in queso didn’t know.

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