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quotes about mistakes

It is normal to make mistakes in life, it is normal for a person who is looking for new opportunities. These mistakes should never be allowed to dominate themselves, rather you should learn from it and move forward in life. These Quotes About Mistakes will inspire you to move forward in life in every situation.

Quotes About Mistakes

1. Mistakes are proof that you are constantly trying to improve yourself.

2. No mistakes, no lessons, no progress.

3. The regret of past mistakes prevents future improvement.

4. If you are afraid of making mistakes, you will never discover new possibilities.

5. Mistakes are common, but not the same mistake again and again.

6. You can move forward in life only by forgiving the mistakes of yourself and others.

7. Mistakes are meant to be corrected, not to be repeated.

8. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, afraid of not trying.

9. There is darkness in the way of success, so if you stumble then don’t afraid, it’s normal.

10. If you achieve success without making any mistake, then you have only achieved success, not the lessons. Lessons are more important than success.

11. Someone’s mistake can be easily forgiven by remembering his good things.

12. Every mistake comes with a lesson and mistake will be repeated until you learn that lesson.

13. Playing safe is an average thing, only the brave people take risks, make mistakes and elevate their levels.

14. Do not make a mountain of mistakes, rather build a bridge from it.

15. Life will be average without mistakes and lessons.

16. They will ask you to choose a safe path, but do not listen to them, that path will lead you towards the average life.

17. Life doesn’t come with terms and conditions, take action, make mistakes, learn lessons and go bigger.

18. Take responsibility for your mistakes, imposing it on others will not solve it.

19. Cowards always blame others for their mistakes.

20. You can’t have a great future without taking risks and making mistakes.

Making Mistakes Quotes

21. Maybe your fate is wrapped in your mistakes. Don’t be afraid of taking the risk.

22. Make mistakes, but don’t let failures dominate you.

23. More mistakes, more experience, more growth.

24. You can’t unlock the hidden possibilities without going through mistakes and risk.

25. Your mistakes are the only measure of your experiences.

26. Making mistakes is not good if you don’t have the courage to correct them.

27. “Mistake” is the most mistaken word in the world.

28. To inspire others with your success, you must face risks and learn from mistakes.

29. Only by stepping on the stairs of mistakes, you reach the peak of success.

30. Everyone makes mistakes but few people have the courage to forgive.

31. After wandering the path, you do not stop there but choose the right path, so it is better to correct them than to regret after making mistakes.

32. Forgiving others for their mistakes is the best kind of kindness.

33. Making mistakes is not a sin, but an opportunity to improve them and progress in life.

34. One should forgive when mistakes are from others and corrections should be made when mistakes are from oneself.

35. Only cowardly people regret mistakes. Brave people improve it and move forward in life.

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