There is no such thing as an introvert

There is no such thing as an introvert

Often people are kept in two categories, Introvert and Extrovert.

But I believe there is no such thing as an introvert, every person is extrovert. Before explaining, I want to tell you about both categories.


An introvert is called people who often prefer to be silent. Such people are quiet from outside but they prefer to talk to themselves. People of this category are also called Observers, they listen to everything and think closely, but do not participate in the conversation. Introverts often like to be alone.


An extrovert is called people who often talk a lot. These people keep their views on everything and like to join the conversation. People of this category are more talkative, rather than an observer. Extrovert often likes to be in the crowd.

Why there is no such thing as an introvert?

As you have known, what is the difference between introvert and extrovert,  Now I come to the point of why there is no such thing as an introvert.
Whenever a person speaks less then we consider that person to be introvert, but it is not. The person talking less is not introvert, and there is no such thing as an introvert.  People who talk less often are very selective in things, don’t like to join every type of conversations. Such people just like to talk about something knowledgeable or of their interest.
Every person is fond of talking, provided the matter is of interest to him. You have often seen, whenever we talk to any person about his interest, then he keeps his opinion with great intent and tells us his thoughts and views. Anyone can continue a conversation for hours on the point of his interest. This is exactly what happens with the introverts, when you talk to them on their interest field, they talk very much to you. If we want to talk to a less talkative person, then we must first identify their interests. If we recognize their interests then our conversation with them can be very spectacular.
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