International Day Of Happiness 2019 [What is happiness ?]

international day of happiness

International Day Of Happiness 2019

What is happiness? Regarding this question, perhaps everyone’s answer is different. Our life experiences are different, and the interpretation of happiness is different. But no matter which kind of happiness retelling, it is derived from one’s innermost tenderness and the most abundant feelings.

Happiness is a fun life. A person’s mental and spiritual abundance is closest to the perfection of life. In a limited time of survival, I have a good state, have some hobbies and interests, and everything I do every day is responsive, and I feel very happy and pleased. For example, reading, tea, flowering, painting, running, fitness, etc., to make life reach a certain level, is indeed the most beautiful and happy life.

Happiness is a good mood for a person to be happy every day

Happiness is a combination of family happiness and career success

Happiness Is a Conscious Responsibility

Happiness is a conscious responsibility. A responsible person will naturally gain happiness in his performance. For the cause, family, even if you pay more sweat, the heart is very happy. Show your own ability, appreciate the goodness of family and love; affirmation of their own value, enjoy the joy of success, taste the sweetness of self-brewed, must be full of happiness. Therefore, the purpose of all human efforts is to obtain happiness.  

If pain is in exchange for meeting the truth and upholding the truth, it should be consciously and willingly bear it. At that time, only then will the pain be turned into happiness

Happiness is the end of all suffering. People always experience some hardships and grief. It will have different feelings from the usual thoughts of the past.

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Happiness is a heart that knows how to be grateful. In the passage of time, each kind of fate has left the impression of recollection; every true companion is accompanied by the kindness of destiny. If you can live so compassionately and affectionately, all the past personal records will be precious to the heart. Those who know how to be grateful must be rich, and they must be those who know how to cherish. The heart is full of love and gratitude, and the people who love you will be more, you must be a happy person.

Happiness Is An Easy To Satisfy Heart

Happiness is an easy-to-satisfy heart. Happiness is not what you have in material life, but the joy and clarity of your heart, and the little fortune and happiness, true tolerance and satisfaction. A happy person does not compare with anyone, nor does he have any embarrassment. As long as he feels satisfied, he is the most suitable life for himself. If the heart is bright and warm, ordinary days will also have good taste. In time, the astounding hope is not as good as the peace and quiet of the years.

There is a kind of happiness, but it is not far away. The happiness you are constantly pursuing may be the life that you have neglected on weekdays; the person you deserve to cherish may have existed in a proper manner. Happiness is the concern of your parents when you are traveling; it is the light that you wait for when you leave work, a table of steaming meals; it is someone who can talk softly when you are tired and lax. In the four seasons of life, it is inevitable to meet the wind and rain, happiness, is a warmth and touch that is not missing in my heart, prop up the sails of your life!  

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Happiness is not a look of hope, not an endeavor, not a gorgeous, mighty life, but a subtle, quiet and savvy; but a solid experience that you can feel inside. With warmth. It’s seemingly unremarkable, but you can think of what you want. You think that the most beautiful and the best you are experiencing is the most difficult happiness!

The journey of life is long, but looking at life with a grateful heart, you will find that happiness is always by your side…

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