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hard work quotes

Hard Work Quotes: If you want something that you feel is not in your luck, believe me, you can achieve more than that by working hard. There is only one key to open the door of luck and that is hard work. Continuous hard work, persistence, and passion can do anything.

If you also want to achieve something, in life, through hard work, then these quotes on hard work will help you a lot.

Hard Work Quotes

1. Thinking is hard work. One cannot bear the burdens and the ideas at the same time.

2. If someone does everything on their part to get something, when they get it they will be happier. Hard work is always rewarded.

3. Nothing is free in this world, everything is earned through learning and hard work.

4. If your words are not backed by good performance and hard work, they are useless.

5. The original solutions are the result of hard work to unravel non-original problems.

6. Success is not a game! it is not a soft flower! It’s hard work … A mission that never ends. It demands everything from you … Especially patience and persistence. Only then does it pay off.

7. The work that arouses the greatest passion is also the work that creates the greatest silence around it.

8. You can find yourself only by going through hard work.

9. Really hard work is a constant among successful people.

10. Do your work as a source of joy, and not as a compulsive obsession

11. The motivation is inversely proportional to the amount of perceived effort. The more motivated you are, you will feel less sacrifice.

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12. 90% of success is based simply on insisting.

13. It’s strange: the more I try, the more luck I have.

14. When you decide to concentrate your mind on the goals of your life, the mind begins to discard what does not matter to focus only on what is important.

15. Hard work is only “hard work” when it starts to hurt.

Passion And Hard Work Quotes

16. The excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that everything a man sets out to do must be done with an unconditional and strenuous effort.

17. When you are in a bind and everything is against you, to the point of feeling that you cannot hold another minute, never give up, because it is the right moment that will change the tide.

18. Only through effort and suffering are we able to appreciate the true value of things.

19. Strive like the Beast to look beautiful like Beauty.

20. No one made me, my hard work made me.

21. Do the Incomprehensible to achieve the unachievable.

22. Wish doesn’t work without hard work.

23. The day you sow the seeds, you do not get the fruits, keep doing hard work continuously, you will surely get the fruits of your hard work.

24. Success can only be enslaved by hard work.

25. If you feel that your luck is bad then work hard like crazy and your luck will change.

26. Hard work, patience, and persistence will give you everything that you deserve.

27. Work hard for your passion, and you will never feel that you work hard.

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28. Hard work without visions is like sticking in smoke.

29. Hard workmen make history. A rat can only make bills and not the cave.

30. Hard work is what you do after you get tired, not what you do in your comfort zone.

31. The most fascinating man is the one who works hard.

32. Work hard so that you can complete the journey that has not been completed.

33. Only Hard Work Can Get Rid Of The Fear Of Losing. The More Effort You Make, The More Confidence Will Increase.

34. If you have a clear goal and a persistent attitude, then you do not need the motivation to work hard.

35. Luck helps those who help themselves, if you do not work hard then there is no fault of luck.

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