Top 5 Benefits of Getting Up Early

getting up early

By getting up early in the morning, both physical and mental development equally occurs, besides many other advantages of getting up early.

Benefits of Getting Up Early

1. Better temper: The latest survey found that people who go to bed early and get up early are more emotional. In a survey of 6,436 people, early risers were more energetic, solved problems more smoothly, and acted more cautiously.

2. Happy mood: Usually, early risers have a more happier psychological feeling than night owls, and as they get older, the advantage of getting up early is even more pronounced.

3. Improve human immunity: From the perspective of Chinese medicine or Western medicine, the habit of going to bed early and getting up early is beneficial to health. Getting up early can improve the body’s immunity, and late sleep or lack of sleep is a major blow to immunity. Get up early to help people reduce stress and better plan their day.

4. Moderate diet:  A study by Northwestern University found that “night owls” eat 248 calories more per day than others, and eat more fast foods, and fruit and vegetables are not as much as people who get up early. Sleeping late not only makes people eat more, but also eats later. To avoid obesity, getting up early and getting up early is a very convenient and healthy way.

5. Keep your weight: Australia has surveyed 2,200 adolescents about sleep and weight, and found that people who get up late are more than twice as likely to get obese, and early children, no matter how much they sleep, have a lower chance of developing obesity.

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How do people who get up late overcome the temptation of the bed and become an early riser?

1. Ample sleep is a necessary condition for getting up early

Sleep is an important part of people’s lives. We need to sleep just as we need air. Sleep helps the body regain strength and energy while guarding people’s health. Each of us needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day to help invigorate ourselves. If you are tired, give yourself ample and comfortable sleep, and the next day you will wake up in the morning.

2. Early rise requires people to overcome the temptation of staying up late

Before going to bed, would you watch your mobile phone, TV and use your laptop? These electronic devices will exploit our sleep time, so we don’t want to get up the next day. It can be seen that in order to ensure sleep time, people stay away from electronic products at least one hour before going to bed. In addition, we should be prepared to sleep when we feel tired and sleepy, instead of deliberately stopping sleep. People tend to ignore the fatigue signals from the brain and think that even if they have drowsiness, they should insist on completing the work. Refused to stay up all night, you can become a person who gets up early.

3. The state of sleep at night determines people’s willingness to get up early.

The environment also has a certain impact on people’s sleep. For example, if you smell the smell of printed books, the taste of chamomile tea or the taste of lavender before going to bed, these habits before going to sleep can help you get to sleep more quickly. . In addition, a clean, and serene environment can also relax people’s brains and go to sleep. Only if you sleep well, you are willing to wake up the next morning, instead of staying in bed and spending this time.

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4. Plan for your life after getting up early

If people are full of expectations for a thing, then he will be more actively involved. If you want to get up early, you can try to plan your day and set something for you to look forward to. For example, reading, meditation, fitness, bathing, eating breakfast, or making friends about activities in the morning is a good choice, which will make you look forward to getting up early.

Tip: If you want to have a good mood every day and maintain a full spirit, start from getting up early!

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