30 Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday

positive affirmations to say everyday

Do you also want to live a happy life? I know why you came here, here I will tell you such powerful positive affirmations to say to yourself that will really change your life if you repeat them everyday.

Positive Affirmation to Say Everyday

1. I get everything that I want and which is good for me.

2. I’m sure the path I have chosen leads me to success.

3. I’m heartily grateful for a new day. Every new day brings new opportunity for my life.

4. Every event and people in my life give me happiness and peace.

5. I am a positive person and only positive person comes in my life.

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6. I have divine energy which keeps me always happy and energetic.

7. My life is full of positivity and I see everything from a positive perspective.

8. I am grateful that I got this body from which I can experience this world.

9. I am grateful for every single drop of water.

10. I am born to live a peaceful life, and I help people to live a peaceful life.

11. I always achieve my goals on time.

12. I am aligned with the universe and always receive what I ask for.

13. I have a very good relationship with everyone and everyone loves me.

14. I am grateful to have a healthy body and mind.

15. Thank you universe to give me the power to achieve everything.

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16. I never hurt anyone; I talk to everyone with dignity.

17. I am a strong willed person and I learn every required skill easily.

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18. I attract happiness in my life every moment.

19. I am always healthy, prosperous, happy, and calm.

20. Wherever I go, only good people meet me and respect me.

Powerful Affirmations

21. I have a very happy family that always lives together with love and respect for each other.

22. My life partner always understands me and loves me a lot.

23. My earnings are always many times more than my expenses.

24. I have a solution to every problem. I am very optimistic.

25. This nature loves me and always provides me with pure air and water.

26. I am grateful to nature for everything that it gives me.

27. I’m healthy and always young.

28. Everything in this world is mortal and I know this very well, so I never get sorrow.

29. The purpose of my life is to always be happy.

30. Nothing can distract me, I am always focused.

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