Quotes On Silence To Know Its Power

quotes on silence

Silence is one of man’s best qualities. Staying silent is a virtue that can never make you regret in life. Read these quotes on silence to learn more about the power of silence.

Quotes On Silence

1. When you are silent, you get to know more about yourself.

2. People who know more often remain silent.

3. To say nothing to others means to say a lot to yourself.

4. Only the wise can remain silent when there is rubbish all around.

5. It is better to keep quiet than to talk to fools.

6. Silence is the best answer to all kinds of nonsense.

7. Those who know how to maintain silence knows how to maintain everything.

8. Words can satisfy your mind but silence satisfies your soul.

9. People are unable to judge you when you don’t say anything about yourself.

10. Silence is the place where you discover life.

11. Those who can master silence are the master of their life.

12. Nothing is more painful and peaceful than silence.

13. Those who know less explain more and those who know more explain less.

14. When you’re on point you don’t need a lot of words to say it.

15. The more you start to listen to the voice of your silence the more you aware of your inner self.

16. Silence is the way the soul talks to itself.

17. Silence is the best speech in front of fools.

18. You can never be ashamed because of being silent.

19. The most important answers of life lie in the moment of silence.

20. Silence is the best speech you will ever give to fools.

21. In the silence of nature, you will hear the voice of life filled with peace.

22. Although silence cannot be heard but it is more powerful than noise.

23. The Creative Mind Often Likes Silence.

24. Drown in silence and you will find peace and this peace will take away all your sorrows.

25. When you enjoy being silent, you start doing extraordinary things.

26. All the good things and creative works were born in silence.

27. Take time to be in silence and peace with yourself, this is the time when you grow.

28. Keep quiet and be thoughtful.

29. Most of the truth about you and life reveals when you are in solitude.

30. You cannot reach the peak of creativity until your mind is calm.

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quotes on silence
quotes on silence
quotes on silence
quotes on silence
quotes on silence

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