Inspirational Quotes On Ignorance And Knowledge

quotes on ignorance

Ignorance has always been the subject of discussion about what ignorance really is. Some call it a blessing and some call it the cause of poverty. Let’s read some Quotes On Ignorance that will help you clear the confusion between knowledge and ignorance.

Quotes On Ignorance

1. People are not unfortunate, they are just ignorant.

2. In today’s era, people are only collecting information in the name of knowledge.

3. The desire to acquire knowledge in you is awakened only when you feel ignorant.

4. Knowledge leads to achievement and achievements increase your fame.

5. As long as the purpose of education is only to distribute information, ignorance will remain in the people.

6. Ignorance ceases at the very moment when it is realized.

7. You are not ignorant because of ignorance, but you are ignorant because you think you have knowledge.

8. In my view ignorance is just a choice unless you are deaf, dumb or blind.

9. The only reason for all the negativity in the world is lack of knowledge.

10. Ignorance is in its most frightening form when it starts speaking.

11. Just by gathering information, your ignorance doesn’t go away, to be wise you have to expand your consciousness.

12. Ignorance is not bad, but misleading information.

13. The problem is not that people are ignorant, the problem is that people do not even want to give up ignorance.

14. There can be nothing worse when one ignorant emulates another.

15. There is a difference between stupidity and ignorance, being ignorant is not bad whereas stupidity is the most perverted form of ignorance.

16. Ignorance is just the lack of RIGHT INFORMATION that forces you to believe in luck and misfortune.

17. Do not try to be wise, try to be conscious.

18. Ignorance is acceptable as long as it does not imply a theory.

Ignorance Quotes

19. To be peaceful, you do not need to be a saint or master nor do you need to go to any mountain, you only need to be ignorant of the things that prevent you from being peaceful.

20. You always progress towards ignorance which later takes the form of possibilities.

21. To think of one’s ignorance as foolishness is the greatest stupidity.

22. Fear of change is the biggest reason for ignorance.

23. Ignorance can be eradicated only by our own realization.

24. What is known is limited, what is unknown is unlimited.

25. When a man is ignorant his thinking is immense and when he acquires knowledge his thinking becomes limited in the realm of knowledge.

26. To believe that you know everything is the greatest ignorance.

27. Faith is born when ignorance is accepted indirectly.

28. Ignorance is not dangerous but the illusion of knowledge.

29. The hunger to know is always in ignorance.

30. Ignorance and possibilities will be always there.

31. The problem is not that people are ignorant, the problem is that ignorance is being spread like knowledge.

32. People are not known for their ignorance but for their knowledge.

33. So-called education has always encouraged ignorance.

34. People do bad deeds not because of ignorance but because of wrong information.

35. Unfortunate situation arises when one ignorant gets the support of another.

36. You will never be afraid of change when you realize that it is a journey from ignorance to awakening.

37. Ignorance is as important as knowledge to succeed in life.

38 For most of the people common reason for ignorance is that they are not willing to know.

39. Darkness cannot be erased, only knowledge can be ignited.

40. Ignorance makes life meaningless.

Ignorance Quotes And Saying

41. Education can never overcome ignorance without awareness.

42. All wise know their ignorance.

43. The journey from ignorance to knowledge is an endless journey.

44. Ignorance is better than illusion.

45. A person with a flexible mindset always seeks new possibilities, while a person with mental inertia immerses himself in a quagmire of ignorance.

46. There are no ignorant people, only unaware people.

47. When an ignorant person starts speaking, he invites trouble for himself.

48. To see the world and people from a one-sided perspective is ignorance as well as foolishness.

49. People are born ignorant and die with illusions.

50. To ridicule someone’s ignorance is as foolish as cursing a dead person.

51. Ignorance is far better than misguided education.

52. A master politician knows very well how to mislead an ignorant person.

53. You will always have the opportunity to learn something new if you always believe that you know very little.

54. Life is too long for the ignorant and too short for the wise.

55. If being ignorant is a choice, then being stupid is a conscious choice.

56. You do not need to know everything because you can never know everything. You just need to be more aware of what you know.

57. It is wrong to make fun of ignorance because at some level it exists in everyone.

58. Ignorance is a natural mental state.

59. The more you learn something new, you will know how much you do not know.

60. A wise man who is able to reach a mental state full of ignorance, lives in peace.

Saying And Quotes On Ignorance

61. The greatest foolishness is when people have a long discussion on a subject about which they do not know anything.

62. If you are not increasing your knowledge then you are increasing your ignorance.

63. It is often easier to teach the ignorant than those who consider themselves knowledgeable or have been misguided.

64. Being surprised at something shows that you are unaware of that thing as well as how much urge you have in knowing that thing.

65. Of course, not knowing anything is ignorance, but giving your opinion on everything without knowing anything is foolishness.

66. You know this because you wanted to know.

67. You are not afraid of change, you are afraid of the unknown.

68. Everyone’s knowledge has a limit, you cannot always prove yourself knowledgeable but you can always prove yourself generous.

69. Winning in a debate with fools is like proving yourself to be another fool.


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quotes on ignorance
quotes on ignorance
quotes on ignorance
quotes on ignorance
quotes on ignorance

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