51+ Abraham Hicks Quotes And Sayings For Inspiration

abraham hicks quotes

Looking for Abraham Hicks Quotes to inspire yourself and learn more about the term “The Law of Attraction“?

Here you will find our collection of Abraham Hicks Quotes that will surely encourage you to take control of your life as you are the creator of your world.

When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

– Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks Quotes

1. “Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

2. “The greatest thing you can give yourself is freedom from what others think.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

3.Being happy is a very personal thing—and it really has nothing to do with anyone else.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

4. “You’re not manifesting, you’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

5. “If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

6. “It Is Not about Controlling Thoughts, It Is about Guiding Thoughts” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

7. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

8. “Never mind what is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration is a match to your desire.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

9. “Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes

10. “The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.” – Abraham Hicks

abraham hicks quotes
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Inspirational Abraham Hicks Quotes

11. “The universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The universe is simply responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.” – Abraham Hicks

12. “In order for things to change, you have to see them as you want them to be rather than continuing to observe them as they are.” – Abraham Hicks

13. “Nothing brings out the worst in another faster than your focusing upon it. Nothing brings out the best in another faster than your focusing upon it.” – Abraham Hicks

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14. “The more you think of things that please you, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the better things will go for you.” – Abraham Hicks

15. “All people, circumstances, and events are invited into your experience by you, through your thought.” – Abraham Hicks

16. “That which you really, really want, you get—and that which you really, really do not want, you get.” – Abraham Hicks

17. “Anger and hatred and condemnation are not symbols of alignment with God—but indicators of misalignment with that which you call God.” – Abraham Hicks

18. “No one is more qualified than you to set the standards for you.” – Abraham Hicks

19. “It is not possible to stand still or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life, is always in motion. Things are always changing.” – Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks Quotes About Manifestation

20. “Your true knowledge comes from your own life experience.” – Abraham Hicks

21. “You Are a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Environment.” – Abraham Hicks

22. “Look forward to where you want to be and spend no time complaining about where you are.” – Abraham Hicks

23. “Offer a vibration that matches your desire rather than offering a vibration that keeps matching what-is.” – Abraham Hicks

24. “If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path.” – Abraham Hicks

25. “If there is something that you desire and it is not coming to you, it always means the same thing. You are not a vibrational match to your own desire.” – Abraham Hicks

26. “What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling – every single time.” – Abraham Hicks

27. “The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.” – Abraham Hicks

28. “You are not here to prove your worthiness. You are worthy! You are here for the experience of joyful expansion.” – Abraham Hicks

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29. “You can’t get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive.” – Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks About Law of Attraction

30. “The greatest gift that you could ever give another is the gift of your expectation of their success.” – Abraham Hicks

31. “You have the ability to quickly change your patterns of thought, and eventually your life experience.” – Abraham Hicks

32. “Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.” – Abraham Hicks

33. “Nothing will come into your experience unless you invite it through your thought—with emotions.” – Abraham Hicks

34. “You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly… You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences.” – Abraham Hicks

35. “You are growth-seeking beings, and as you are moving forward, you are at your happiest.” – Abraham Hicks

36. “The moment you say it the skies will open for you and the non-physical energies begin instantly to orchestrate the manifestation of your desire.” – Abraham Hicks

37. “You can’t watch out for bad things and allow good things at the same time. It is vibrationally not possible.” – Abraham Hicks

38. “When you are feeling negative emotion, you are in a very good position to identify what you want. Because never are you more clear about what you do want than when you are experiencing what you do not want.” – Abraham Hicks

39. “Creating is not about making things happen through action. In fact, creating is not about making things happen at all. Creating is about allowing the thing that you desire to happen, and the allowing happens through Energy alignment, not through action.” – Abraham Hicks

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40. “Whatever you are thinking about is like planning a future event. When you are appreciating, you are planning. When you are worrying, you are planning.” – Abraham Hicks

Daily Quotes From Abraham Hicks

41. “Your body is made up of intelligent cells that are always bringing themselves into balance, and the better you feel, the less you are vibrationally interfering with the cellular rebalancing.” – Abraham Hicks

42. “Reach for the thought that feels better, and allow the natural well-being that is yours.” – Abraham Hicks

43. “What you think about activates a vibration within you.” – Abraham Hicks

44. “You are eternal consciousness. We cannot find a bigger word than that. You are forever. You never cease to be. You are a consciousness that expands and it is this expansion that gives you the most delight.” – Abraham Hicks

45. “Each time you are appreciating, you bring Pure, Positive Energy into the experience of whatever is the object of your appreciation. It sounds so simple, but it is powerful in its pureness.” – Abraham Hicks

46. “One day’s focus is enough momentum for you to allow anything you want to flow into your experience.” – Abraham Hicks

47. “The Universe will always give you what you asked for. The question is: How soon will you allow it?” – Abraham Hicks

48. “When your thoughts are chronically good-feeling – your physical body will thrive.” – Abraham Hicks

49. “When you FEEL healthy and vital and alive and prosperous you attract more of all those things.” – Abraham Hicks

50. “It’s time for you to come into your own. Don’t hold back. You are the energy that creates worlds.” – Abraham Hicks

51. “You are the creator of all that occurs in all of your life experiences. You create your physical life experience through your thoughts. Literally, every thought that you think gives birth to a creation.” – Abraham Hicks

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