30 Quotes On Adversity For Inspiration

quotes on adversity

Adversity is often faced by one who wishes to do something different in life. Adversity comes not to make a man fall but to make him better. Whenever you face adversity, do not panic but get ready for a better future. Enjoy these quotes on adversity for inspiration.

Quotes On Adversity

1. Do not let the adversity dominate you so much that it kills your dreams.

2. After every rain, the earth looks more beautiful and the sky is brighter.

3. The more troubles one goes through, the more kind he is.

4. Troubles come only to check whether you are capable of success or not.

5. Always keep your roots strong, you will never know how powerful the storm will be.

6. Do not lose hope, nothing lasts forever, nor this trouble.

7. Troubles are like a mirror that shows you your true strength.

8. No adversity can degrade you until you choose to degrade yourself.

9. You will be rewarded more than you lose for every adversity you face fearlessly without losing your hope.

10. How you deal with adversity reflects how your personality is.

11. It is only in adverse circumstances that we can meet our highest potential if we do not lose courage.

12. If you have adversity and courage then you are above average.

13. The winners talk not about adversities and obstacles but about courage and strategy.

14. Be the soul that never get tired of trying.

15. Sometimes you have to slap yourself to get out of the mess in life.

16. Just being optimistic will not work, you also have to be stubborn otherwise adversity will break you.

17. Bamboo faces adversity even at such heights because its roots are strong.

18. The victory path is only for those who know how to subdue adversities.

Quotes About Overcoming Struggles

19. Keep pushing yourself until you make the life of your dreams. It’s possible.

20. Nobody is coming to tell you that you have to fight, this is your journey and it completely depends on you and your actions that if you are going to fail or succeed.

21. No matter how adverse the circumstances are, if you do not lose your temper, you will succeed.

22. Every better change brings with it a bit of adversity.

23. Whenever you need to strengthen, a little adversity will be given to your path.

24. Those who follow the path of truth face more adversities than those who follow the path of success.

25. Whenever you tell the truth, thorns will be laid in front of you.

26. Not everyone has the courage to face adversity, not everyone gets adversity because not everyone is great.

27. Always prepare for the worst to do your best.

28. If you feel that you are weak then you are wrong, it is not you but your thoughts that make you feel weak, adopt a positive mindset and this adversity will look tiny for you.

29. You are not going through hard times; you are being prepared for the best times.

30. Do not be afraid of bad times, there is always a way.

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quotes on adversity
quotes on adversity
quotes on adversity
quotes on adversity

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