Short Poem About Self By Nitin Namdeo

poem about self by nitin namdeo

This powerful poem explores the journey of following one’s heart and living life on one’s own terms. Despite societal pressures and conventions, I choose to trust my inner compass and embrace the unique path that it leads me down.

Listen to your conscience and not the crowd.

– Nitin Namdeo

Short Poem About Self

My heart is my compass,
My guide, my light,
I trust it with every step,
Every day and every night.

It whispers to me
Secrets deep and divine,
And leads me down paths
That are uniquely mine.

I may be called crazy
For living life my way,
But in my heart I know
It's where I want to stay.

I am unrighteous in the eyes
Of some who hold tight,
To customs that I leave behind
Without any fright.

And if I'm called selfish
For following my heart's call,
For breaking free from society's trap
And standing tall,

Then yes, I'll wear that badge
With pride and grace,
For I know my journey leads
To a much happier place.

- Nitin Namdeo
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