Positive Energy Quotes [Best Of 2019]

positive energy quotes

If we start to think positive, we will attract the positive energy that will generate a happy and perfect life, full of fulfillment. Alone, we have to learn to project our internal energy to the outside. If we are positive internally and we transmit it to the outside world, we will learn to live our life with happiness and positivism, and everything will start to go much better. We are trying to help you add more fulfillment and happiness through these positive energy quotes.

Positive Energy Quotes

1. Being unhappy is a habit and being happy is also a habit, so the choice is yours

positive energy quotes

2. The best happens to those who give their best, always. If you give your best every day, you will surely attract positive energy.

3. Energy and persistence conquer things. Fight for what you believe and do not let anyone tell you that you can not.

4. Pain is a fact, but the way we perceive it is a choice. Fight, do not give up.

5. Surround yourself with positive people so that they transmit your energy. Attitudes are contagious…

6. The day is what you decide to do with, Why not make a great day

7. The best drug, a positive mental attitude.

Man often becomes what he thinks he is. If you keep telling yourself that you can not do something, it is very possible that you are unable to do so. But it also works in the opposite direction. If you think you can, there’s a good chance you’ll get it, even if you did not have that possibility from the beginning.

8. We can not always control the situations that happen to us, but we can control the attitude we adopt in front of them.

9. Life does not happen to you, simply life responds to you.

positive energy quotes

Positive Vibes Quotes

10. The world is full of cactus, but please, you do not have to sit on them. The problems are not solved, they are avoided.

11. Success in life is not always in winning, but in never giving up. Fight to the end for what you believe in.

12. Always remember that the one who limps still walks.

13. The will is more powerful than steam, electricity or atomic energy.

14. Be good because of your energy, but never be good because of your weakness.

15. While you have life, you can fight and overcome adversity, so be optimistic and go out there to win.

16. The only thing is impossible is what you do not try.

positive attitude quotes for work

17. Why you do not stop wanting it and put yourself to it?

18. Change what you have always wanted to change.

19. Nobody has to give you the approval to do what you are excited about and passionate about.

20. Start each day as if you invented it.

21. Get away from positive people, keep positive energy, focus, faith, and the result will come.

22. Your positive energy makes the world a better place.

23. When you adopt an attitude of forgiveness, you put all kinds of positive energy into action.

positive energy quotes

24. When a baby greets us smiling, we gain a supernatural charge of positive energy.

Spiritual Energy Quotes

Our thoughts, words, and actions are a reflection of the state of mind in which we are living. If they are positive, they will attract positive energy. Positive energy attracts health, peace, love, prosperity, and many smiles of joy.

25. The more positive energy you through into the universe, the more positive energy it gives you back.

26. Positive thinking generates positive energy that turns into health.

27. Positive exchange of energy is worth more than anything.

28. Enjoy what is good and live with a healthy mind, because positive energy will bring you happiness for your everyday relationships.

29. Happy people are cheerful and share positive energy. Unhappy people are bitter and pollute their environment.

30. Be happy and make people around you feel their positive and contagious energy. Contaminate the neighbor with the virus of peace, joy, and humility. 

31. When you transmit positive energy, it reflects on peoples as light in the mirror.

positive vibes quotes

32. Channel all positive energy into your life, you deserve and must conquer your place in the sun.

33. Choose a happy thought and make it the positive energy that will give you strength throughout the day.

34. When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel that positive energy.

35. Transmute negativity into positive energy. Grab a handful of color and paint the screen of your life.

Look Opportunities With Positive Energy Quotes

Every problem has an opportunity, some of the most dazzling successes were carried out by people who knew how to recognize a problem and then transformed it into an opportunity. Where some see problems others see opportunities.

36. Feed your vibrational field with positive energy, good thoughts, and gratitude that life flows more lightly and puts you in tune with the universe.

37. There is no healthy relationship when only one emanates positive energy.

positive quotes about life

38. There is no positive energy that can withstand negative people.

39. Good thoughts are the harmonizing element of our aura and plumber of positive energy.

40. The positive energy you are looking for is in you, remove the negatives and they will come to the surface.

41. Do not just look at someone’s appearance, realize the positive energy and all humility, from a heart that wants to see you well.

42. Thoughts vibrate matter, and matter rests only after taking form given by thoughts.

43. To start the week full of positive energies, is to end it very close to what was planned.

44. Your thoughts propagate waves and materialize. Put energy into just what you want it to materialize.

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